Convicted for 15.5 years the deputy chief of Orenburg’s FDCS released under an amnesty

Convicted for 15.5 years the deputy chief of Orenburg’s FDCS released under an amnesty
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In Orenburg, Rafael Tavtilev, former Colonel of FDCS, was amnestied. In 2015 he was sentenced to fifteen and half years in prison for supplying heroin, it’s “elimination” and as a result “improving” clearance rates.

Tavtilev was found guilty by the court, but due to amnesty, his criminal record was dropped. Former Colonel was released on the spot    

In 2015 the Court of Orenburg convicted Deputy Chief of Orenburg’s region DEA to the term of 15.5 years in the maximum security correctional facility.

According to the data of defense, in order to demonstratively raise the clearance rate of his department he organized supply chain of heroin from Tajikistan through Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. To put his plan into action he needed help from the group of suppliers, leader of which, Uson Dzhumaev, was arrested in 2012 by Orenburg’s Drug Control Service. Taftilev gave him a choice either to fully serve his time for committed crimes, or to create new supply chain for significant alleviation of the sentence.  

According to the organization’s script, 2.5 kg heroin “package” delivered by Dzhumaev’s brothers should’ve been intercepted by Tavtilev’s subordinates. However, the plan was wiped out by Federal Security Service (FSB), who detained vehicles with drugs.

By a court decision Usmon Dzhumaev, who was labeled as an organizer, sentenced to 17 years, Khaidarbeg Dzhumaev – to 16 years, Federal Drug Control Service’s officer - to 15.5 years in a high-security penitentiary and a fine of 50 thousand rubles. Besides that, former Colonel was stripped of his “The Order of Merit II Medal».

The information about amnesty to Tavtilev’s accomplices hasn’t been reported. The trial when he was released was conducted in a form of closed hearing.



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