Commandeering of amber or bonds with special services: Reasons for Nedelya debunking 

Commandeering of amber or bonds with special services: Reasons for Nedelya debunking
Andrey Nedzelsky aka Nedelya

The thief in law status of the Ukraine enforcer Andrey Nedzelsky suspended.⁠

The decision on the Ukrainian thief in law Andrey Nedzelsky (aka Nedelya or Andrey Lvovsky) was rendered at a thieves meeting in Greece. The point is that Nedelya’s ‘godfather’ David Sebiskveradze (also known as Varlamych, Dato Kutaissky), who had been recently released, has previously asked the holder of the Ukrainian common fund a large sum of money, but he has refused citing lack of funds. In addition, it was necessary to solve Nedelya’s conflict with other Ukrainian thieves in law, but Nedzelsky ignored the meeting on that matter, which was to take place in Greece.

Давид Себискверадзе («Варламыч», «Дато Кутаисский»)

David Sebiskveradze (also known as Varlamych or Dato Kutaissky)

Earlier, Georgian thieves in control of the eastern part of Ukraine had suspected Nedelya, in charge of the central and western part of the country, of having links with special services. The eastern part has long been under the control of the criminal oligarch Aleko Nakreleshvili-Petrovsky (Narik) and the associated thieves in law Giya Khmelidze (Khmelo) and Giya Lobzhanidze (Kutsu). Lately they were joined by the ‘junior partners’ Lasha Dzhachvliani (Lasha Svan) and Sergo Glonti (Guga). The latter even accused Nedelya of his recent arrest in Odessa. 

Although, rumor has it that the real reason for the conflict was the attempt of another Slavic thief in law from Dnepro to get his share of the illegal mining of amber in the west of the country, controlled by none other than Nedelya.

Whatever it was, the parties began making public accusations, insults, and threats to each other, simultaneously arming and strengthening their guards. Other thieves in law were displeased with the situation, so they decided to clear it up with everyone involved.

However, by failing to appear at the meeting, Nedelya only aggravated his position. Gayoz Zviadadze (Giya Kutaissky) took the floor, asking Nedzelsky to clarify his wrong behavior. Firstly, he explained, “a thief cannot have more important things to do than those for which other thieves are waiting for him,” and hinted that he would have to pay the transport costs of the crime lords, who had vainly gathered for the Greek meeting. 


Secondly, he said that by denying financial aid to Varlamych, he stuck his neck out and would be held responsible if anything happened to his godfather. The principal claim, however, was about the conflict; if he lets himself be called a law enforcer in disguise, he does not live by the rules. Moreover, as Zviadadze stressed, he does admit Guga’s thief in law status. To note, he said some unflattering things about others, including Nedelya, making it clear that for him they were all equal, and must deal with each other; he would not let anyone call the thieves cops. Summing up the conversation, Giya Kutaissky demanded that the Nedelya no longer be called a thief in law and not hold the thieves’ common fund.

It is known that after that, Nedzelsky turned for help to thieves in law Zaza Ambroladze (aka Zaza) and Merab Asanidze (Chikora), promising them any money for solving that issue. 

Andrey Nedzelsky was ‘crowned’ in the winter of 2012. He was ‘approached’ in Greece, where there were about 40 thieves in law from different clans at that time. Talks about the imminent ‘crowning’ of Nedelya appeared immediately after the death of the famous Ukrainian crime lord Sergey Mamedov, whose inner circle included Nedzelsky, in November 2011.



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