Cocaine inside corpse led police to drug cartel

Cocaine inside corpse led police to drug cartel

On the body of the drug courier, 80 grams of dope was found.

After examining the body of a drug trafficker who got into the morgue, law enforcement officers managed to get out on the activities of a large drug cartel.

Acting Head of the press service of Moscow MIA Head Colonel Yuri Titov said that it all began with a message of the capital's morgues to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Employees of the morgue reported that when the body of the man was discovered, 8 polymer containers, in which there was cocaine, were found inside him. The total weight of the drug in the man’s body was 80 grams.

An investigation began and soon the police found out that the deceased man was an alien, and he came to Moscow with his brother. In Moscow, a man was involved in the distribution of drugs.

Then a series of operational and investigative measures aimed at searching for drug traffickers were held. Employees of the drug trafficking department of the Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow together with the FSB of Russia in Moscow and the Moscow region and the operatives of the anti-narcotics police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia detained four suspects. Among them there was the organizer of the channel for the sale of cocaine.

Three visitants and one resident of Moscow at the age of 31 to 38 years were detained. After this, while trying to purchase 1 kg of cocaine, two more foreigners were detained. One of them got 8 cartridges.

"As a result, the channel was blocked and the illegal activities of the organized crime group, which smuggled cocaine from foreign countries to the capital and the suburbs for smuggling, were terminated," the Interior Ministry said. The total weight of seized cocaine was 3.5 kg.

A criminal case was initiated immediately under 3 articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – Attempted Illegal Production, Sale or Transfer of Narcotic Drugs, Smuggling of Narcotic Drugs, Illegal Acquisition, Transfer, sale, Storage, Transportation or Carrying of Weapons. All detainees are charged. They have already been arrested by court order.



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