Belgium extradites leader of English drug cartel to Russia

Belgium extradites leader of English drug cartel to Russia
Guido Guillermo Wolters

Guido Guilermo Wolters is the “right hand” of cartel head Leo Francis Morgan.

Guido Guilermo Wolters, who is a member of one of the world's largest drug cartels, was extradited from Belgium to Russia. According to investigators, he supplied giant quantities of cocaine through Russia to England.

The leader of this cartel is British citizen Leo Francis Morgan, who is in Panama. Testimonies against Wolters and Morgan were given by a prominent businessman, a shareholder of the companies Moskol and Monacall, the owner of real estate worth over $ 500 million, Vadim Petrov, who is now serving a significant term for organizing a criminal community.

For a long time, Wolters hid from the international special services, until employees of the Russian MIA got on his track in 2013. Through operative actions, they figured out that the wife and daughter of the drug lord live in Belgium, and he himself was also there. The relevant information was communicated to Brussels. As a result, Wolters was arrested, and Russia sent documents for his extradition. This process lingered on for many years and only on April 24, 2018 Wolters was delivered to Moscow by Interpol Russia. Now, he faces the court and a long time sentence.

According to Russian law enforcement agencies, Guido Guilermo Wolters is the “right hand” of Leo Francis Morgan.

First, the Englishman organized shipments of marijuana to Europe, then, expanding his illegal business, became a frequent visitor in Latin America. In Colombia, Morgan met with the daughter of a large local drug lord, who soon became his wife. Thus he got access to an almost unlimited amount of cocaine, which he successfully delivered to Western countries, primarily to England, where he had extensive connections in the local criminal world. At one point, Morgan started importing tons of cocaine and other phytogenic drugs to Europe.

At the same time, the secret services of the US, Britain, Belgium and a number of other countries organized a real hunt, but were not able to catch him. Leo Francis spent most of his time in Latin and South America, where the members of local drug cartels actively assisted him, and for moving around the world he used dozens of passports issued for other people's names.

The Investigative Department of the Russian MIA, together with colleagues from Mexico, found out that it was in this country that Morgan, his “right hand” Wolters and the mentioned Russian businessman Vadim Petrov, who was accompanied by several assistants, met in 1998. After a series of discussions, they decided to make Russia a major trans-shipment point for the transit of cocaine from Latin America to Europe. In the European countries, all cargo coming from Colombia is given special attention. And the goods that came from the Russian Federation rarely aroused suspicion.

How much cocaine the accomplices moved through Russia to Europe, it was not possible to establish precisely; admittedly, tons of it. The employees of the Russian MIA mentioned at least 200 kg of “white powder” in the case materials.

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