Basta’s nightclub prosecuted for selling drugs

Basta’s nightclub prosecuted for selling drugs
Vasily Vakulenko aka the rapper Basta

A sting operation was carried out in Gazgolder.

A person who came to Gazgolder, the club in the heart of Moscow co-owned by the rapper Basta, has been charged with drug trafficking, RIA Novosti reported citing a source.

The operation was conducted on Nizhny Susalny Lane back on September 9.

"An unidentified person committed an illegal sale of a substance weighing 1.13 grams. An expertise revealed that it contained a narcotic drug, mephedrone, for which it is a considerable amount," the source said.

On Monday, a case was brought under Art. 228 of the Criminal Code (illegal sale of drugs).

According to open sources, Gazgolder belongs to a production center under the same name, and Vasily Vakulenko aka Basta is one of its owners.

In 2016, the media reported there had been searches in Gazgolder and drugs were found. However, Basta commented on the news replying to CrimeRussia’s tweet and said the reports were "sheer nonsense."



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