Bashkiria: Son of criminal investigation dept chief detained with drugs is now witness 

Bashkiria: Son of criminal investigation dept chief detained with drugs is now witness
Danil Chikunov (center)

July 13, the court of Sterlitamak is to review the criminal case against Danil Chikunov and four of his friends on charges of creating an organized crime community for the purpose of drug distribution.

The son of acting head of the Ishimbay Criminal Investigation Department in Bashkiria Danil Chikunov, in whose BMW 350 bags of amphetamine have been found, is suddenly a witness in this case. Three of his friends detained along with him will be tried for organizing a crime community for the purpose of selling drugs.

As reported by Otkrytaya Rossiya citing two defendants in the criminal case and the indictment of the Sterlitamak Prosecutor's Office, the witness Danil Chikunov, as well as four defendants in this case – the brothers Marat and Artur Khaliullin, Ruslan Yanchurin, and Aleksey Lobanov – were detained in late May 2015 in Sterlitamak, where Chikunov and the Khaliullin brothers, who had come from St. Petersburg, were renting an apartment.

Although 150 grams of the drug and a device for making 'caches' had been found in Chikunov's car, and about a half kilogram more drugs had been seized during the search of his apartment, the 'son of Ishimbay's chief police officer' (as Chikunov introduced himself to law enforcement officers) was released the following day.  

He soon became a witness in this case and left the city. However, before that, he helped operatives detain Yanchurin by arranging a meeting on an ‘important matter’ with him. Ruslan Yanchurin claims that the policemen planted drugs on him during the detention.

According to the prosecutor's office, the organized crime group of drug dealers created in 2014 by the Khaliullin brothers operated in Sterlitamak, Ishimbay, and Salavat, selling prohibited substances by means of 'caches'.   

In late May 2015, Marat Khaliullin and Danil Chikunov, who had known each other 2008, came from St. Petersburg to Salavat to visit Artur Khaliullin. According to Chikunov, he was experiencing financial difficulties at the time, so he agreed to work as a driver for the Khaliullin brothers, as they did not have a driver's license. For this purpose, a BMW 7 was rented in Chikunov’s name, on which the suspects arrived in Sterlitamak.

Meanwhile, according to Marat Khaliullin, in 2015, Chikunov worked as a director general of Business Finance Group of Companies, giving out loans "to all his friends," and did not experience any financial problems.


Danil Chikunov and friends

According to Chikunov, on the way to Salavat, they stopped by in Ufa, where the Khaliullin brothers got out of the car and went someplace. On their return, they asked Chikunov to open the trunk and moved something. The following day, in Chikunov’s words, the brothers asked him to drive them to different addresses. In his testimony, the police officer's son says that did not take part in these actions and did not ask what it all meant, as he "was not interested." Although, he did see the brothers firing with "some polymer tubes" from a toy gun from the car windows.


Drugs seized from Chikunov's car

Yanchurin and Lobanov are currently under house arrest; as for the Khaliullin brothers, they are in a pre-trial detention center. The trial in the criminal case was due on July 6, but was postponed to July 13 due to the absence of all 12 witnesses.

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