MMA fighter Aleksandr Emelyanenko's promoter detained for selling cocaine 

MMA fighter Aleksandr Emelyanenko's promoter detained for selling cocaine
Oleg Raevsky

During a controlled buy, Oleg Raevsky was detained red-handed when selling 5 grams of the drug, which is qualified as a large scale. In addition, a gun with cartridges and handcuffs were found in his car.

A resident of St. Petersburg Oleg Raevsky, known as the promoter of famous MMA fighter Aleksandr Emelyanenko, has been detained by the Department for Drug Control of the MIA Main Directorate of St. Petersburg in the Primorsky district, Fontanka reports. 

According to the publication, 40-year-old Raevsky was caught selling 5.16 grams of white powder, which was later recognized as cocaine by the MIA Expert Forensic Center, to a person who took part in the control buy by agreement with law enforcement agencies. The operation was held by police officers in the parking lot of a supermarket on Bogatyrsky Prospekt.

20 bills of 5 thousand rubles each were seized from the detainee. As the publication notes, such bills are usually marked by policemen during a control buy. More evidence was also found in his car, including a leather case with a spoon, a mirror and a piece of plastic, scales, and two sachets with the same white substance. In addition, there was a gun with cartridges and handcuffs in Raevsky's car.


Officially unemployed Oleg Raevsky is known in the media as a promoter of MMA fighter Aleksandr Emelyanenko, multiple champion of Russia, Europe and the world, and the brother of four-time world champion Fedor Emelyanenko. Raevsky had been repeatedly interviewed by various media as Aleksandr Emelyanenko's promoter. In addition, as Fontanka reports, in the St. Petersburg underground, Raevsky is known to have links with the ‘black cashiers’ and being a ‘grantsman’ for entrepreneurs.

The MIA Investigations Directorate in the Primorsky district has initiated a criminal case under item d part 4 of Art. 228.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (Illegal marketing of narcotic drugs on a large scale) into his detention. At present, Raevsky has been detained for two days; a measure of restraint is currently being elected for him.



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