Zyatek comes to Ural

Zyatek comes to Ural
Zyatek and company

According to reports, the local security forces are not particularly preoccupied to his visit, while according to some information, the thief in law enjoys mentioning his ties in the law enforcement.

Following Avtandil Kobeshavidze Vladimir Zyatkov (in the criminal world, Zyatek – diminutive from son-in-law) rushed to the Sverdlovsk Region. According to the URA.ru, his visit did not seem concerning for the local security forces, while some claim the thief does not mind mentioning his ties in the law enforcement. Zyatkov is known to be travelling with the Chief of security, referred to as "General".

Vladimir Zyatkov was born in the city of Ishim and crowned in 1992 by Jam and Vova Cherny (Vova the Black). He operated in the north of the Tyumen region, mainly in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District. There is no information as to the reason the thief paid a visit to the Sverdlovsk Region, yet the source with the URA.ru suggests that "Zyatek and Avto are recruiting the most thuggish of bandits.”



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