"Zaruba was a simple man." Amursk crime lord’s cellmate on his death and controversial funeral  

"Zaruba was a simple man." Amursk crime lord’s cellmate on his death and controversial funeral
Zaruba’s funeral

Zaruba got his first and only conviction for robbery.

An acquaintance of Yuri Zarubin (Zaruba), the recently deceased Amursk underboss, told Komsomolskaya Pravda about their time in Birobidzhan educational labor colony of general regime. It was more than 40 years ago, and the future mafia leader was barely 18 years old at that time.

According to the man, Zaruba did not make much of an impression on him back then being a “simple man.”

 “He was practically nonexistent; I didn’t hear or see him a lot... it was hard to imagine that he would become a crime lord or a city underboss. Although it’s been over 42 years, so he could have changed,” he said.

It also turned out that Zarubin was in jail for robbery back then, which was the only conviction in his life.

Once out, Zarubin worked with wood and never actually became a titled thief in law, but he was indeed considered a crime lord in the small Amursk and was even responsible for the cash fund, another source told KP Khabarovsk.

Not having extensive connections, Zaruba nevertheless managed to survive the defeat of the entire Far Eastern mafia and even survived an attempt on his life in 2002.

As we previously reported, in January of last year, an unknown person fired at Zarubin, but missed and hit his hat at the commemoration of another prominent mafia leader, Vovchik Abramov. Later, the failed hitman was found in a communal apartment with multiple stab wounds. He died from blood loss without regaining consciousness.

It was believed back then that Zaruba could have been a victim of internal squabbles. After the death of the thief in law Dzhem, disputes began over the cash fund control. The late Vovchik Abramov had just been disallowed to use the fund and his relative confronted Zaruba for that to take revenge.

Zarubin had been considered a “retired” criminal before he died of cancer.

The video of his funeral with a crowd following the coffin caused a fury on the Internet with the Interior Ministry intending to seek compensation for a damage to their reputation because the voiceover said the Internal Affairs chief and the city prosecutor were among the pallbearers.

According to Lenta, the police came to the place of the person who had made the video and posted it and told him to remove it from all resources, otherwise he would get into trouble.

Judging by the tape, at least a hundred participated in the funeral and traffic was blocked on at least one of the streets. The woman who made the video also noted that sand had been put on the road the funeral procession was to take.



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