Mobsters' wars: Zap suspected of orchestrating homicide of thief in law Dato Pankissky

Mobsters' wars: Zap suspected of orchestrating homicide of thief in law Dato Pankissky
Andranik Sogoyan (Zap)

It is supposed that in this way the crime lord was avenged for the attack on the nephew of Shakro Molodoy.

The investigation into the case on the murder of thief in law David Alkhanashvili (Dato Pankissky) in Istanbul has reached a new level. The Turkish police found that the perpetrators of this crime pulled off on December 22 were Armenian citizens, and the alleged organizer is considered to be 'uncrowned' thief in law Andranik Sogoyan, better known as Zap.

He acted in the interests of the clan of Shakro Molodoy, whose nephew Dato Ozmanov (Dato Krasnodarsky) was previously injured by the supporters of Kalashov's old enemy, Tariel Onianii (Taro). In 2011, Ozmanov, who was in Belgium, experienced a ‘thievish' skirmish for signing the circular letter against Tarot. The 2009 letter, signed by 36 criminals, including Yaponchik and Ded Hasan, reported that Taro was deprived of the 'thievish' status.

During the communication of Dato Krasnodarsky with the crime bosses Roin Uglava (Matevich), Irakly Kalichava (Khutu) and Giya Gurchiani (Svan), the nephew of 'thief' No. 1 in Russia received multiple stab wounds. According to some reports, Dato Pankissky, who was present there, did not take part in the massacre, but only watched. However, a weighty argument is that at that time he was not a 'thief' yet - he was 'crowned' only the next year in Dubai.


Dato Pankissky

If the inference of the Turkish law enforcers is correct, then it is likely that Zap decided to demonstrate by his actions his transition to the clan of Shakro Molodoy, as opposed to the supporters of Oniani and Dzhangveladze, thieves in law Alo, Samo, Afo and Koncho, because of whom he actually lost his 'status'.

There is also a suggestion that Alkhanashvili could be 'removed' by order of thief in law Guli. This was due to his current confrontation with the Chechen criminals, in particular, with thief in law Aziz Batukaev. Since the deceased was an ethnic Kist Chechen, it was concluded that Salifov had settled with the one who was the easiest to reach.

However, it is worth noting that Guli's motives for this were much less: Dato Pankissky was not particularly noted for his proximity to the 'Chechens', and to arrange skirmishes in the country where he lived was also not right for him. The wanted criminal behaves extremely cautiously in Turkey. Moreover, he is already under secret surveillance by local security officials, who almost every week receive anonymous messages about supposedly stored in his house warehouses with weapons, equipped with zindans for keeping kidnapped hostages and so on.

However, in other countries its activity only increases. It should be reminded that 'thief' Nadir Salifov, who was released after 22 years in prison last fall, is currently actively engaged in the formation of his own clan while in Turkey. Emissaries of Guli operate in Georgia, Ukraine and a number of Russian regions, influencing all the business run by Azerbaijanians.

In February 2017, the emissary of the crime lord in Moscow, Fuad Rzaev (Afo), was detained together with a dozen of his assistants. At the end of last year, law enforcement officers also rounded up representatives of his clan who planned to meet with Batukaev's supporters to resolve the conflict situation, associated with the cover-up of some of the capital markets.



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