Yerevan police detain armed motorcade of Armen Kanevskoy’s brother 

Yerevan police detain armed motorcade of Armen Kanevskoy’s brother
Ded Khasan and Artem Kanevskoy

Artem Arutyunyan has remained a claimant to the thief’s crown never actually becoming a thief, yet this did not prevent him from gaining a certain clout in Armenia.

Armenian law enforcement bodies have detained a motor convoy that was accompanying the criminal boss Artem Arutyunyan known as Artem Kanevskoy.

Artem Arutyunyan is the brother of the late thief in law Armen Kanevskoy. As well as his brother, he aspired to get the thieves' crown, still never appearing as a thief in the operational bases. After his brother died from diabetes, Artem Kanevskoy moved from Rostov-on-Don to his homeland. He achieved a certain level of success there, judging by the number of guards and their armament.

According to Sputnik, the special forces detachment arrested Arutyunyan’s motorcade on Yerevan’s Kievyan Street. The video posted by the Armenian police on YouTube shows the police stopping several cars, taking out people and knocking them down. The criminal lord’s guards were in the convoy. Law enforcers seized an array of weapons from them, and it is yet to be found whether they were carried legally.

Yerevan police have not reported anything about the detention of Artem Arutyunyan himself.

We shall remind that thief in law Armen Arutyunyan aka Armen Kanevskoy died on December 18, 2010 in Astrakhan from a severe form of diabetes. Armen Arutyunyan was Ded Khasan’s underboss in the Kuban and was one of the most influential thieves in law in the Southern Russia. The criminal was thief-crowned in 1997 in Krasnodar at a thieves’ gathering chaired by Ded Khasan. We know that Artem Arutyunyan was close to coronation by a photo in the public domain where he can be seen with the criminal patriarch, while he was still alive.

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