Yakut’s mob with greetings from 90's. Degraded underboss staged massacre 

Yakut’s mob with greetings from 90's. Degraded underboss staged massacre
Conflict began in the restaurant

Karga was not against the arrest believing that now it is better to be in prison than meet with friends of killed by him Voron.

Greetings from the 90s came to us recently from Yakutia. There, representatives of the local mob staged showdown, in which Sergey Kargin, aka Karga, killed his criminal opponent nicknamed Voron by a shot from a gun. According to the data available to the edition Bloknot, Kargin's conflict with Aldan bros has been going on for several years. Its emergence occurred at the time of the release of Karga from places not so remote, where, according to some, he was underboss. Since 2004, Aldan bros are literally haunted Kargin, making claims - whether trying to bring the former urka (who abandoned his business) back to the bosom of a criminal, whether to take revenge for their previous sins.

Serving term in the IK №3 Verhny Bestyaha, Kargin was there a high criminal authority, but, in 2012, in the midst of the struggle for influence in the underworld of Yakutia, was toppled from his pedestal of the beholder. In the demotion of Karga notorious thief in law Roman Kaschaev aka Kaschay serving a sentence in one of the Yakut colonies was directly involved. Problems began, which led to the massacre that took place on the night of January, 2.

According to available information, two bros called Karga in Aldan restaurant Oleshna in the evening on January, 1. The old talk ensued about that area he was allegedly red, that is, person, who cooperated with the prison administration. Kargin left the restaurant and went to a private house, on which repeatedly convicted Boris Plotnikov was. There, Karga asked Plotnikov (apparently, he has authority in the local criminal environment) to explain the boxers that he behaved like a right urka in the prison. But then two from Oleshnya arrived at the scene. It is known a criminal name of one of them - Voron. The conversation quickly got out of control - Voron drew a traumatic gun, pointed it in the face of Karga and shot into the ceiling. Plotnikov entered simply: drove the whole company into the yard. And there the fire was opened. He opened the back fire, but not from the traumatic gun, but from Saiga. Voron was killed. The experts can not say exactly wheatger the bullet hit him in the back and exited through the chest, or vice versa. The criminal case was initiated under Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Murder).


It is noteworthy that Karga, who claimed that all his actions are only a self-defense. Karga was not against the arrest believing that now it is better to be in prison than meet with friends of the killed by him Voron. But Kargin strongly disagrees with the charge of premeditated murder. He claims that in the depths of darkness he shot from Saiga not aiming, just to the side of the attackers, really fearing for his life. For this reason, he hit only one shooting from a distance of several meters. But the investigation relentlessly insists that Kargin planned the murder.

Video: Man came to the restaurant with a gun



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