Will Russia safe crime lord Taro, Shakro associate, from extradition to Spain?  

Will Russia safe crime lord Taro, Shakro associate, from extradition to Spain?
Tariel Oniani (Taro)

Tariel Oniani obtained a Russian citizenship illegally, the Migration Service believes.

Thief in law Tariel Oniani (Taro) is expected to be released from prison next year. Soon after his release, he is likely to face another problem - a threat of his extradition to Spain, where he can face a new term. According to Rosbalt, in 2010, the Federal Migration Service found that Oniani obtained Russian citizenship illegally. However, there was no any court decision on this case, so the thief in law officially remains a Russian citizen.

Recall, the influential criminal was detained in 2009 and sentenced to 10 years in a strict-regime colony for extortion and kidnapping. Now he is serving his sentence in a IR-6 colony, located in the Sol-Iletsky district of the Orenburg region, which is also called the Black Dolphin.

Considering the fact that Taro is enjoying the same influence in the criminal circles as Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) used to, his upcoming release is a huge intrigue. Everyone wonders whether the crime lord will stay in Russia.

There is a high possibility that Russian authorities will make an attempt to get rid of the mobster. Siloviki have been doing their best to reduce the influence of thieves in law in Russia. They deport criminals from the country, while not letting the others in. Police also carries out special operations on the detention of criminals and charge them with more grave articles of the criminal code, such as Organization of a criminal organization, for example.

Moreover, back in 2005, Spain declared Oniani internationally wanted for money laundering and organization of a criminal community. Within the framework of this very case, another influential criminal and an associate of Oniani, Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) was sentenced to nine years in prison in Spain. Thus, Taro is highly likely to get the same sentence in case of his deportation to Spain.

Депортация из Испании Шакро Молодого

Shakro Molodoy being deported from Spain

Unlike Kalashov, Oniani managed to hide from the Spanish police in Russia with the help of his Russian passport. However, as soon as he arrived in Moscow, he was detained. In addition to the charges of extortion and kidnapping, he was suspected of illegal obtain of Russian citizenship.

Юрий Лужков и Георгий (Гела) Церцвадзе (в центре)

It was found out that Oniani received a Russian passport on the basis of a residence permit in Tatarstan on February 6, 1992 (according to the law, regardless of the place of birth, a person who has a permanent residence permit in Russia had right to gain citizenship). However, a special check revealed fraud in a registration of Oniani in the Bugulma district of the Tatar SSR. So, the Federal Migration Service made a conclusion that Taro obtained the citizenship illegally.

At the same time, when Shakro Molodoy arrived back in Russia after his release in 2014, he found out that Georgia is also seeking his extradition. However, Russian authorities declined this request, perhaps for political motives.

Moreover, in 2011, Taro was sent to Spain for investigative actions. The Spanish police also indicated a fact of that he obtained citizenship illegally. However, this fact cannot be the reason for the deprival of a Russian passport. According to the legislation, a corresponding court decision must be issued on the suit of the Migration Service. However, the Agency did not file any claim on this case, and the structure was abolished back in 2016.

Nevertheless, in order to avoid a ‘surprise’ from law enforcement authorities, associates of Taro are actively fighting for his safe release from prison. Gela Tsertsvadze is playing a key role in this ‘operation.’



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