Who pointed at Shakro Molodoy?

Who pointed at Shakro Molodoy?

It has been several weeks since the 63-year-old thief in law Zakhar Kalashov, better known as Shakro Molodoy, was arrested. The investigation is in full force; although the case-related information seems to be clear and transparent, many still doubt that the official narrative of Shakro’s detention is fully consistent with the facts.

Let us recall the back story. July 11 a group of officials from the FSB Internal Security Directorate and the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived at the house of the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov, better known as Shakro Molodoy, in the village of Zhukovka, Odintsovo District, Moscow Region. July 13 the Tverskoy Court of Moscow arrested Kalashov. He was taken into custody as part of the case of extortion of 8 million rubles from the co-owner of Elements restaurant Joanna Kim. It became known that Kim had had a financial conflict with Kalashov’s close friend, the designer Fatima Misikova. Misikova complained to Kalashov that the businesswoman Joanna Kim owed her a payment for interior design of the Elements restaurant, amounting to 8 million rubles, but refused to pay.

December 14, 2015 Kalashov’s men (about 10 people) arrived at Elements, located in Rochdelskaya, to tackle this problem. Joanna Kim, in turn, called her lawyer, Eduard Budantsev, to the meeting; Budantsev is a retired colonel of the KGB and RUBOP (Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime), who arrived with his partner for Diktatura Zakona (“Rule of Law”) Bar Association Vladimir Kostrichenko (the former Moscow police officer), a security guard Pyotr Chervichenko (the former Russian Special Police Force fighter) and two of Budantsev’s employees, including a former Special Forces officer of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia Roman Molokaev. The negotiations almost immediately evolved into threats and demands. Kalashov’s men demanded the restaurant director to bring the founding documents for re-registration of the right to third parties. For this purpose, a lawyer (a former official of the General Administration of MIA for Moscow, known as Surzhik) awaited in the VIP-hall with all the necessary documents. 

The dialogue between the parties turned into a fight with shooting. When Kalashov’s men began beating the lawyer Budantsev, the latter pulled his honorary Beretta and opened fire. It transpires from the case file that the shootout resulted in the “death of Mr. Kitaev and an unidentified person.” Three men, including Andrey Kochuykov, Eduard Romanov, who came along with him, and Eduard Budantsev, were injured. All three were arrested. Budantsev was placed under house arrest on murder charges. Kochuykov was sent to a pretrial detention center on charges of hooliganism.

The term of Kochuykov’s confinement in detention center expired on June 14. By the time, the case of hooliganism was referred to the investigator of the CAD Investigative Office of the General Investigative Administration of the Moscow City General Administration of Internal Affairs, who decided against submitting to the court an application for the extension of Kochuykov’s arrest. As soon as Kochuykov came out from the detention facility, he was met by the Russian Special Police Force and FSB fighters. They put him back at Matrosskaya Tishina.

“Serves him right! This isn't the 1990s anymore! Extortion and shooting in the streets is unacceptable!”; such was the public majority’s reaction to what happened. The resignation of security officials, who used their positions for personal gain, for criminal purposes in fact, cannot but please people. This inspires the sincere hope that not all law enforcers are corrupt. But there are those, who have a different vision of what happened. According to them, it was not the complaint of Shakro’s friend that triggered the situation which resulted in shootout. Neither were the millions of rubles, allegedly extorted from Joanna Kim. 

“Trust me, conflicts between people of Shakro’s level require much more than 8 million. Besides, he did not take part in the shooting! Someone pointed at his involvement in the situation, and officers came immediately for him. That’s not the way the wind blows!”, such are the words of those who know the root cause of the incident.

We decided to look at the case from a different angle.

Following the death of the Russian underworld leaders Yaponchik (Ivankov) and Ded Hasan (Usoyan), the crown was passed to Zakhar Kalashov, a criminal leader and the most wealthy Russian thief in law. Shakro supported the termination of recurring quarrels among thieves and was brilliant at resolving conflicts. When Shakro was serving the sentence in Spanish prison, Rovshan Lenkoranskiy and Dzhemal Mikeladze (Dzhemo) led by Merab Dzhangveladze cornered the entire service market of Moscow. Even the law enforcement agencies were unable to stop that; presumably, it was them who demanded Shakro’s return to Russia. Security officials clearly could not cope with Dzhangveladze’s men, which is why they needed help in restoring order. Georgian side was also interested in getting Shakro, as he was sentenced in absentia to 17 years in Georgia. Logically speaking, we should have given Shakro to Georgians and let him serve his sentence; alas, someone really needed his presense in Russia.

Upon his return to Russia, Shakro arranged an underworld convention. The meeting took place in Armenia, so that all members of opposing clans could take part in it, because many criminal lords were wanted in Russia. During the convention, Shakro put an end to all disagreements between the thief clans. He also suspended the status of the thieves in law Dzhemal Mikeladze (Dzhemo) and Rovshan Dzhaniev Lenkoranskiy (after his return to Russia, Shakro decrowned more than 10 thieves in law). All convention participants supported this decision, including such reputable criminals as Pata Tvalchrelidze (Pata Malenkiy), Giya Diaknishvili (Giya Dlinniy), and Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik). This was followed by the crowding out of all rogues, who acted on behalf of Rovshan Lenkoranskiy and Dzhemal Mikeladze. All criminal lords took a breather for the first time since Ded Hasan’s death, after which there had been a disorder in the thieves’ community. This hiatus led to the cessation of Merab Dzhangveladze’s once large drug trafficking. Here we are talking about huge amounts of money. And it is absolutely clear that Dzhangveladze has fixed security forces, acting in his best interests. Such people are responsible for taking initiative and speeding up the process. For many people, it is clear that in the situation with Shakro, there has been manifested an initiative unusual for such cases.

It is also clear that a lot of interesting and unexpected facts from the life of security officials and their relations with the criminal world will emerge in future. If Shakro is to be jailed and retired, other major criminal lords will try on his position. The Oniani clan, headed by Taro, traditionally aims at leadership in the underworld, but many bet on Yuriy Pichugin (Pichuga). Not only because there has not been a Slavic leader for many years, but also because Pichugin is well-connected to the Federal Security Service and other law enforcement agencies. FSB patrons on that level give Pichuga a great chance to make a huge redistribution in the criminal world and remove those out of favor. In addition, according to the available information, Pichugin is the keeper of the pooled cash fund. We assume that Shakro, who is currently in the pre-trial detention center, should be more worried about this, rather than about Kim and the rumble with her restaurant. 



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