What awaits Edik Tbilissky at large? 

What awaits Edik Tbilissky at large?
Eduard Asatryan

While the thief was serving his term, the ranks of his supporters have considerably shrinked, and his son lost his status.

48-year-old thief in law Eduard Asatryan, better known in criminal circles as Edik Tbilissky or Osetrina Sr., who served three years for possession of drugs, was released.

After serving a short term, the criminal, according to some information, went to the Republic of Dagestan to obtain a new passport. It is interesting that, contrary to the latest practice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) did not declare the Georgian thief in law persona non grata and take measures to deport Edik Tbilissky.

At large, Eduard Asatryan has a lot of affairs to settle. The authority of the criminal scrupulously increased after the death of Ded Hasan has faltered, and the ranks of his companions have shrinked. In particular, Edik Tbilissky is to resolve a long-standing conflict with the clan of Dmitry Chanturiya (Miron). Four years ago, after the assassination of Aslan Usoyan (Ded Khassan), thieves in law began to divide his inheritance and assert their power. It was also then that Miron and Edik Tbilissky clashed. After a series of provocations on the part of the latter, Miron, Gela Kardava and other influential criminals from the clan of the late Ded Khassan arranged a gathering in Moscow. In March 2013, at the meeting that gathered several dozen people, thieves in law exchanged mutual claims against each other. When they ran out of arguments, a fight broke out. The advantage was on Chanturiya's side, as a result Eduard Asatryan and his son Sergey, as well as their allies Romik Dzhafarov and Guram Chikhladze were beaten.

Edik Tbilissky was recalled the unsettled conflict with the Dedovskiye in Butyrka in 2014, where, under the signature of Vagif Bakinsky and Zviad Tbilissky, a circular order was issued about the non-recognition of Asatryan as a thief in law. However, then Osetrina Sr. managed to return the good name with the help of free criminals.

Now Edik Tbilissky needs to make every effort to consolidate and once again increase his authority at large. Moreover, Asatryan will have to find new companions. Many of his supporters found themselves behind bars, among them are heavy hitters such as Dato Panchvidze, Kostya Kostyl and Vitya Pan (he is charged with creation of a criminal community).

Furthermore, misadventures in places of deprivation of liberty also pursue the son of Asatryan Sr., Sergey, known in criminal circles under nicknames Osetrina Jr. and Serezha Bentley.

Сергей Асатрян

Sergey Asatryan

On the way to Nizhny Novgorod colony Asatryan Jr., sentenced to 9 years for extortion, was deprived of the title. According to Viktor Zharinov (Caesar), supported by a number of criminals, including the brothers Kardava, Serezha Bentley can not be called a thief in law since the time of that fateful Moscow gathering with the Dedovskiye. Then it was rumored that only Osetrina Jr. got off lightly in the fight, since he decided to wait for the massacre to finish in the toilet.



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