War is coming? ‘Thief in law’ Guli made claims against 

War is coming? ‘Thief in law’ Guli made claims against

A few ‘thieves in law’ are trying to get his position in the Russian markets.

‘Thief in law’ Nadir Salifov (aka Guli) has recently had to account before his opponents. According to Rosbalt, it is about Guli’s old enemies: Rafik Eyvazov (aka Rafik Masallinsky), Javid Mamedov (aka Dato Agjabedinsky), Emin Akhmedov (aka Emin Ajigabulsky), Jeykhun Askerov (aka Jeykhun Gyanjinsky), Zaur Shipilov (aka Zaur Nakhchyvansky), and Ali Geidarov (aka Albert Ryzhy) who takes part in this opposition in absentia - from a colony where he is serving his sentence.

The ‘thieves’ contacted Guli through the Internet and made their number one complaint - related to unfounded deprivation of status and imposing a veto over ‘crowning’ of any Salifov’s countryman.

When Guli was in Azerbaijanian prison, the victims did not have possibility to ask him in private. Now, it’s time to do so. They are ready to meet him even in Dubai where he is now. 

Али Геидаров (Альберт Рыжии)

Albert Ryzhy

According to a source of Rosbalt within law enforcement, criminal who oppose Guli have recently started uniting for a more effective fight against him. When he moved from Turkey to Greece, Dato Agjabedinsky became close to representatives of the Greek clan including ‘thieves’ David Sebiskveradze (aka Dato Kutaissky), Lasha Jeladze (aka Racha) and Zaza Ambroladze (aka Zaza).

Besides that, according to some reports, the oppositionists are being backed by such influential ‘thieves’ from Azerbaijan as Vagif Suleymanov (aka Vagif Diplomat), Arif Mekhtiev (aka Arif Sumgaitsky), Yunus Nazarov (aka Yunus Yasamalsky). However, they do not express their position in public. No one has a wish to openly enter into a conflict with Guli.

With that, their financial base is the remains of a criminal genereal Rovshan Janiev (aka Rovshan Lenkoransky) who was murdered in 2016. His relatives believe Nadir Salifov was involved in the murder.

Everyone has his own reasons to hate Guli. For instance, he ‘uncrowned’ Emin Ajukabulsky thanks to members of a clan of Kardava-Mzarelua. ‘Thieves in law’ Pichuga and Vazha Tbilissky helped him return his ‘title’ later. However, in 6 months, his status was not confirmed in Krasnoyarsk prison by a few ‘thieves’ including Sasha Shamaz, Levan Galsky, Koba Krasnodarsky and Yura Lazarevsky. 

Рафик Эйвазов (Рафик Масаллинский)

Rafik Masallinsky

In late 2016, Rafik Masallinsky was not only deprived of his status. He was cruelly beaten. His ear was cut at the order of Guli. He started taking revenge: in April, 2017, is people killed Jabir Gasanov in St. Petersburg. A month later, assassination attempt on Guli’s friends - Ilgam Gajiev and Oktay Arkhaly - was committed. In early September, Elashn Mamedov was killed in Tbilisi.

In November, 2017, Rovshan Lenkoransky’s ally Ali Geidarov had to pay: Guli deprived him of his status for the fact that Geidarov escaped the ‘battlefield’ during the rumbles in Turkey. He hid himself in a police car. A few other ‘authoritative’ ‘thieves’ condemned this behavior.

At the present time, Guli’s assets in Russia are being attacked. Salesmen in markets started preventing a normal work of the sellers who cooperate with Guli. The same is related to larger businessmen. They are being told that the situation would get better for them - only if they change Guli’s protection.

The oppositionists are ready to tell Guli why he does not deserve right to stay in the ‘family’.

After exchange with mutual offences and threats, the conversation was over. Source of Rosbalt believes that the conflict’s not over and the opponents might turn to promt actions soon.



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