Wanted nephew of Orekhovskie gang leader complained to General Prosecutor’s Office about his coroner

Wanted nephew of Orekhovskie gang leader complained to General Prosecutor’s Office about his coroner
Dmitry Pronin

Dmitry Pronin, nephew of the leader of "Orekhovskie gang", Oleg Pronin («Al Kapone»), has filed a complaint against Stanislav Gordievskiy, the deputy head of the first directorate of major crimes unit of the Investigative Committee in Moscow Region. He is now wanted for probable involvement to the murder of lawyer Tatyana Akimstseva.

Known as plemyash (nephew), activist of the human rights portal "Gulagu.net" and co-owner of the market "Odintsovskoe Podvorie", he accused Gordievskiy of fabricating criminal case against him and asked the General Prosecutor’s Office to carry out a prosecutor's check of the investigator.

As Pronin told to the agency "Moscow", "the investigator put out two summons for his interrogation at the same time on the same day and hour, but sent them much later than the day of interrogation." As a result, the summon was late for about a week, meanwhile, the investigative actions against Pronin were initiated without his participation and knowledge.

Recall that a famous lawyer, Akimtseva, was shot on the Hashek street in Moscow in September 2014th, along with the driver. Her colleague, Alexander Karabanov, believes that Akimtseva was eliminated for trying to prove financing by Dmitry Pronin, co-owner of "Odintsovskoe podvorie", "Orekhovskie" organized crime group and seize its assets as a result of civil litigation. In March 2016 it was reported that Pronin was wanted in the case.

Meanwhile, according to the agency "Moscow", Plemyash, Dmitry Pronin, was wanted for organizing in 2014 a second attempt of murder on the deputy and businessman Sergey Zhurba, as well as for the murder of his deputy Vitaly Moiseev and his wife two months earlier.

As part of the investigation of these cases, in December 2014th, the Investigative Committee searched the market "Odintsovskoe podvorie" and the apartment of Dmitry Pronin, whose involvement in "Orekhovskie" group is not proven, but indirectly has always been associated with him.



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