Wanted mafia boss Nodar Rustavsky detained in Kiev restaurant 

Wanted mafia boss Nodar Rustavsky detained in Kiev restaurant
Nodar Rustavsky Photo: Screenshot from video

Nodari Asoyan left Rostov-on-Don in January 2018.

Another crime lord was detained in Ukraine. This time, kingpin Nodari Asoyan, also known in the underworld under the nickname Nodar Rustavsky, fell into the hands of the security forces. This follows from the announcement of the deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Abroskin, made on his Facebook page.

According to the police, Nodar Rustavsky was detained in a Kiev restaurant. Along with him, his “supporters” were detained, Abroskin said.

In January 2018, the Rostov-on-Don police reported that “two crime lords were dealt with –as a result of the measures taken, they left the region.” Nodar Rustavsky was one of them.



In February 2018, the Rostov mass media published a so-called “malyava,” in which Nodar Rustavsky appoints a certain Misha Kuzya an overlord of one of the detention centers in the Rostov Region. 

It is also known that Nodar Rustavsky is on the wanted list.



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