Waiting for Karo. ‘Debunked’ opponent of Ded Hasan may become Sverdlovsk region underboss 

Waiting for Karo. ‘Debunked’ opponent of Ded Hasan may become Sverdlovsk region underboss
Koroglu Mamedov (Karo)

The criminal world of the Middle Urals anticipates serious changes. Currently, candidates for the regional alpha dog position, who could unite separate criminal clans, are being actively discussed in Yekaterinburg.

According to Znak.com citing a Sverdlovsk businessman with connections in the criminal underground, Karo (Koroglu Mamedov), who has a serious authority in the north of the Sverdlovsk region, may be among the contenders.

Karo lost his thief’s title in 2004 by the decision of a number of authoritative thieves in law (Pichuga, Shakro Molodoy, Vasya Voskres, Zyatek, Mutai, Hans, Osetrina Starshy, and Timur Sverdlovsky), headed by Ded Hasan. The news portal notes that the reason for the ‘dethronement’ was Aslan Usoyan’s visit to Nizhny Tagil in 2002 with a check. During the inspection, Ded Hasan accused Karo of the shortage of half of the common fund, from which the prisoners who were serving their sentence in the colonies of the region were ‘warmed up.’ Usoyan ordered to transfer the common fund to the local crime lord Vladimir Mashinsky, who, for the sake of such a case, was to be ‘crowned.’   

Ded Hasan

Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan)

However, in November 2002, Mashinsky was shot from automatic rifles at a hairdresser's and Karo kept control over Nizhny Tagil before the thieves' meeting at the Yekaterinburg hotel Bolshoy Ural. In 2016, it became known that Karo could have a direct relationship to the murder of Mashinsky.

Currently, the 59-year-old ex-crime boss is serving a term of imprisonment in IK-19 in Tavda. Karo was detained in May 2011 on the statement of his former partner in OAO Nizhny Tagil Wholesale Trade Base, a Chechen Sayid Bogatyrev, who accused the former thief of extortion and threats of physical harm, as well as the car's burning right outside the building of the Nizhny Tagil department of the Sverdlovsk FSB Directorate. Karo's circle then claimed that Mamedov was simply trying to get from Bogatyrev his share of the income from the total asset and that setting on fire the old Bogatyrev's Mercedes, which by then was several times sold to other hands, was a dramatization. However, Karo nevertheless found himself behind bars, almost blinded during the siloviki's harsh arrest.

In accordance with the verdict of the Nizhny Tagil court, which in 2013 recognized Karo as guilty under Part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion) and sent him to the colony for 8 years, Mamedov is to be released on May 25, 2019.

Znak.com notes that the release of Karo can change the current state of affairs in the criminal world of the region, especially since the post of the alpha dog of the region has been empty for a long time. 

Thieves in law

Thieves in law Vladimir Steigerwald (Stacket), Andrei Trofimov (Trofa) and Koroglu Mamedov (Karo)

Despite years in prison and non-recognition by ‘colleagues,’ the crime boss remained faithful to criminal traditions and retained serious authority in the Sverdlovsk region.

“Karo is a decent thief, unlike the current 'dandruff.' He'll stay in prison as he should, bell-to-bell. But when he comes out, many will stand up for him here. Many people respect him, especially from Nizhny Tagil and further to the north,” says the source of the news portal.

After the incident with the common fund, Karo is considered an opponent of the Ded Hasan’s supporters; the clan of Usoyan, who was shot in Moscow in 2013, retains its position in the Middle Urals.

The last Sverdlovsk alpha dog was the nephew of Aslan Usoyan Temuri Mirzoyev (Timur Sverdlovsky), who died in January 2014 from a serious disease in the Moscow City Hospital No. 20. 

Temuri Mirzoev

Temuri Mirzoev

After him, there were repeated attempts to occupy the throne of the head of the criminal world of the region. The CrimeRussia previously reported that at some point thief in law Andrei Tkachenko (Tkach Nyagansky), who was considered the alpha dog for Nyagan (Khanty-Mansiysk region), claimed for this post, but in 2017 he was arrested in Moscow on charges of fraud as part of the organized crime group.

Tkach Nyagansky

Tkach Nyagansky

In 2014, an attempt to gain a foothold in the Middle Urals was made by the criminal authority from Belarus Oleg Gerasimovich (Mumu). Gerasimovich is considered a protégé of the enemies of the Ded Hasan’s clan, among them Dzhemo (Dzhemo Mikeladze), Merab Sukhumsky (Merab Dzhangveladze). Based on their support, immediately after the death of Grandfather Hasan in February 2013, he appeared in the Middle Urals and held the first series of negotiations with local mafia enforcers about his prospects as a new alpha dog. With the death of Timur Sverdlovsky, the issue became more urgent, but by that time the entry of Mumu into the territory of Russia had already been banned. 

Oleg Gerasimovich (Mumu)

Oleg Gerasimovich (Mumu)

However, he illegally crossed the border and tried to start negotiations with local criminals, but in April 2014 he was detained in a cafe on the highway Yekaterinburg – Kamensk-Uralsky by officers of the Organized Crime Combat Department (OCCD) of the regional department of the MIA of the Russian Federation with the support of the Russian Special Police Force, and was soon deported.

In January 2016, from IK-6 in Kopeisk after 12 years of imprisonment the 63-year-old thief in law Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto), on whom many people placed a stake on, was released and tried to return to Yekaterinburg. However, in the city, he was met by all the staff of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) of MIA and conducted a preventive conversation, after which Avto returned to the Chelyabinsk region.

Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto)

Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto)

The only one who managed to gain a foothold in the Middle Urals was Giya Akoyev (Giya Sverdlovsky), the nephew of Temuri Mirzoyev and grandnephew of Ded Hasan.

Getting freedom after 11 years of imprisonment for robbery, Giya Sverdlovsky flew to Yekaterinburg in August 2017. Another representative of the Akoyevs clan, Levan Akoyev, met him. However, right at the time of the meeting about his release at the Uralotel hotel, Giya Sverdlovsky, and other participants were detained. However, unlike them, Giya did not leave Yekaterinburg. Staying in the city, for several months he received envoys from eminent crime bosses, but the law enforcement officers restrain the flow of guests to the thief in law.


Giya Sverdlovsky

According to the words of the head of the regional Organized Crime Combat Department (OCCD) Lieutenant-Colonel Sergey Maksimov, at present Akoyev “does not deal with the criminal world, but if the activation begins on his part, the police will stop this activity.”

Znak.com does not rule out that the situation with the emergence of a new alpha dog in the region may be affected by personnel reshuffles in the Sverdlovsk MIA headquarters. According to the news portal, the former chief of the OCCD, and now the deputy head of the BCI of the MIA of the Russian Federation for the Sverdlovsk region, Colonel Konstantin Stroganov, is considered as a candidate for the post of head of the FSB of the MIA Directorate of the Russian Federation in Moscow and in the autumn can leave for the capital. It is possible that the current head of the Sverdlovsk police, Lieutenant-General Mikhail Borodin will move to a new position in Voronezh region. Such serious personnel changes can also affect the operational situation in the region as a whole, the newspaper writes.



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