Vors gather in Armenia for summit on Armen Kanevskoy death anniversary

Vors gather in Armenia for summit on Armen Kanevskoy death anniversary
Armen Arutyunyan’s grave

As usual, many thieves in law and criminal bosses from different countries gathered together.

Thieves in law and criminal lords from different countries, mostly from Russia, have flocked to Armenia. According to the Hraparak newspaper, all of them arrived to honor the memory of Armen Arutyunyan (aka Armen Kanevskoy), the kingpin who died 8 years ago.

The get-together was held on December 18, the day of his death. The crime lords went to see Armen Kanevskoy’s grave, and then had a memorial dinner at a restaurant called San Lazaro. According to the newspaper, about 900 people attended the meeting, including 10 thieves in law.

They are staying in Armenia’s expensive hotels, Imperial and Marriott. The thieves have been enjoying the rest of the time.  For the last two days, their luxury cars have been spotted in front of elite entertainment centers and posh hotels of the city.

The gathering of vors in Armenia is an annual thing. The newspaper recalls that several dozen high-ranking underworld leaders arrived in the country last year.

The tradition stayed even after the recent revolution, although there were fears that this year could become an exception.

Earlier, the Armenian security forces conducted large-scale operations to arrest and check local thieves in law. At least a dozen vors were taken to PDs and searches were conducted in their homes.

In addition, in October of this year, Artyom Arutyunyan (Artyom Kanevskoy), Armen Kanevskoy’s brother, was also detained in Yerevan. He was accused of inciting to a passport fraud. However, Arutyunyan was released on bail of 20 million drams (about $40.400) sometime after.

Recall that in 2010, Armen Kanevskoy was convicted in the case of a January 2007 murder of Suren Yegiazarov, a Kuban businessman, and his two friends. In the fall of 2006, the crime lord offered his patronage to Yegiazarov, who co-owned a cognac factory Novokubanskoe, and demanded 30.000 dollars a month for that. After the first payment, the businessman refused the mafioso’s services and was killed in a cafe called Uyut (‘Coziness’) of the Trudobelikovsky village, Krasnoarmeysky district, Kuban.

The thief in law died of diabetes in December 2010 in the hospital of the Astrakhan Federal Penitentiary Service.



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