VORS 69-01. Mobs detained in France are not related to large mafia clans 

VORS 69-01. Mobs detained in France are not related to large mafia clans
During the detention Photo: Screenshot

Mindia Nizharadze and Revaz Seskuria have been living in Europe for a long time.

Some details about the special operation called VORS 69-01, which the security forces conducted this week, have become known. Recall, 300 law enforcement officers from France, Belgium, and Georgia in French Lyon detained 22 members of the gangs, which included Georgians, Armenians, and Azerbaijanis. According to Georgian security officials, the organized criminal group was led by two thieves in law - Mindia Nizharadze and Revaz Seskuria, better known by the nickname Vepho.

The source of Sputnik Azerbaijan has learned that the detained Azerbaijanis are not criminal authorities.

Also, the source reports that detained mobs Nizharadze and Seskuria have long been living in Europe (mostly in Italy). Vepho had previously lived in St. Petersburg but was deported to Georgia about seven years ago. From there, the thief in law moved to Europe and had not appeared in Russia for a long time. The source called Nizharadze "the thief in law, who does not like to show himself," and hit the headlines of world media for the first time. Both mobs are not related to large mafia clans, the source added.

Recall that members of the criminal gang are accused of committing burglaries, car thefts, creating fake documents and illegal distribution of narcotic drugs in France. The arrestees face up to 15 years in prison.

During a search at the defendant’s apartments, jewelry, firearms, expensive cars, large sums of money, forged documents, methadone and 1500 packs of cigarettes were found.

The preliminary damage from the activities of organized crime groups is estimated at 400 thousand euros.



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