Vor Tsyrkach to be added to Interpol database. He may be in Central America

Vor Tsyrkach to be added to Interpol database. He may be in Central America

The Investigative Committee is about to submit the relevant documents.

The Russian Investigative Committee intends to petition for the absenteeism of thief in law Oleg Pirogov, who is known in criminal circles as Tsyrkach. If the court satisfies the petition, the Committee will send materials to Interpol to include Pirogov in the search base. 

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, Tsyrkach became a defendant in the criminal case of Occupation of the Highest Position in the Criminal Hierarchy (Art. 210.1 of the Russian Criminal Code). 

An investigator of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate First Department for the Investigation of Particularly Important Cases in the Moscow region is in charge of the case. Tsyrkach’s record was collected by the MIA Main Directorate Administration of Criminal Search in the Moscow region.

According to the investigation, Pirogov was vetted in 2011. According to the investigation, since then, the thief, who lives in the territory of the Elektrostal and Noginsk districts of the Moscow region, has been coordinating criminal groups, creating and maintaining links between them and other persons occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy; he is directly involved in the division of spheres of criminal influence and criminal proceeds. 

As we previously reported, Tsyrkach fled from operatives and left Russia earlier in spring. Some sources say he may be in Central America.



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