Vor Temo Sukhumsky shows his personal lion 

Vor Temo Sukhumsky shows his personal lion

A new video has appeared on the Web showing the 46-year-old Abkhazian thief in law Temo Sukhumsky.

The friends of thief in law Temo Sukhumsky (nee Temuri Gvasalia) has filmed him talking to a lion in a cage. The thief says he himself raised this African predator.

Sources report two versions of how Temo came into possession of the exotic pet. According to the first version, he raised the newborn lion cub himself. Other version is that Temo got the adult lion, which makes this case of training truly exceptional.

In the footage, the thief fearlessly enters the cage and feels confident in it, but there is another person in the cage who, apparently, takes care of the animal on an ongoing basis.

Temo is actively talking with the lion. “That’s my boy. That’s my boy. That’s my boy. Remember how I <…> you. He knows I’m in charge. If you don't sound brutal, he will sense your weakness. How weak you have become.

My Achilles. My Achilles. Everyone calls you Simba, but for me, you’re Achilles. Remember how I raised you, boy. You were sucking on my finger,” the vor said, stroking the lion on its mane.

Gvasalia has a high status in the criminal world. Thief in law Apakelu (Boris Apakia) contributed to his vetting after he served a 19-year term in one of the harshest Russian prisons. Recently, Temo has had a conflict with other thieves, including Astik, Khasik, and Lasha Shushanashvili. In late August, Temo was detained in Kyiv and deported from Ukraine. His current whereabouts remain unknown.

Video: Brother of Sheykh Khamzat, Temo Sukhumsky



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