Vor Temo Sukhumsky detained in Kyiv 

Vor Temo Sukhumsky detained in Kyiv

December 15, officers of the National Police of Ukraine’s Department of Strategic Investigations detained thief in law Temuri Gvasaliya (Temo Sukhumsky) in Kyiv.

This is reported by First Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin via his Facebook page.

“The vor and other members of the gangland community were detained during a mob summit, where issues of the underworld were being resolved,” Abroskin noted.

According to the deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine, the thief in law “does not remember how he ended up in Ukraine and for what purpose.”

He considers extradition to Georgia to be the greatest threat, “because there is very tough legislation in respect of such persons.”


Abroskin expressed regret that Ukraine currently does not have such strict legislation against thieves in law like that in Georgia, however, he assured that these “painted monkeys” will be thrown out of the country, because “such garbage is not needed here.”



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