Vor Taro to punish all those who ‘debunked’ him

Vor Taro to punish all those who ‘debunked’ him
Tariel Oniani (Taro)

The release of Tariel Oniani may result in new showdowns and shooting.

One of the most influential thieves in law, Tariel Oniani (Taro), who was released today after serving almost 10 years, intends to get even with those who had once signed his ‘decrowning.’

At the moment, his supporters are actively preparing for his release. As a source in law enforcement bodies told Rosbalt, the main task of his allies was to ensure that the thief in law was not held in a detention room, but was immediately sent to Georgia – once he is released from the special-security colony Cherny Delfin in the Orenburg region, he will be subject to deportation from Russia, heading for Turkey right away. A large group of his supporters is waiting for him there. The most active are Roin Uglava (Matevich) and Koba Akhavlediani (Koba Sukhumsky). They are already celebrating his release and threaten with great trouble to all the signers of the kite against Taro, as well as those responsible for his debunking. 

To recall, the circular letter from crime bosses on stripping Oniani of his status appeared in 2009 on the initiative of Taro’s greatest enemy of the time, namely ‘the No. 1 thief in law’ Ded Khasan. Shortly before this, his ally, another influential thief in law Yaponchik, was wounded. He also signed the document and died of peritonitis a few months later. Several dozen mafiosi supported Taro’s debunking back then.

So if Taro is able to get to Turkey, nothing will prevent him from holding a large gathering where the question of the very kite will be raised. Oniani has no alternative - his status as thief in law is invalid until all signatories renounce their decision.

Incidentally, after the death of Ded Khasan in 2015, the question of Oniani’s status was already raised at a large-scale gathering in Armenia, organized by Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). Then Kalashov offered to wait for the release of Taro, after which all the signatories of the kite would be able to express their claims to face at a new gathering. Then, he said, a final decision will be made on his 'thievish' status. Now, when Shakro Molodoy received a long term, Oniani himself will run a new gathering.

According to sources of Rosbalt, this does not mean that Taro will blindly revenge all signatories. For a start, he will simply invite them to explain themselves and publicly repent. This practice was also used by Ded Khasan - all those who joined Taro subsequently had the opportunity to wash away their guilt through offering apologies to Usoyan and joining his clan. Now many will probably do the same, explaining the actions they took 10 years ago with the fact that they could not refuse Ded Khasan, or that their signatures had been affixed without them being asked.
If Oniani’s status is thus confirmed, he will receive a large group of allies in addition to this. After that, he will be able to declare his claim to the place of the number 1 thief in law.

However, it is obvious that it’s not everyone who would want to make the apologies and ‘join the colours’ of Taro. For instance, it is unknown what a prominent representative of Kutaisi clan Merab Gogia (aka Melia) would do. His signature was also present in that kite. The day before, he was detained in Moscow and is now waiting for his deportation from Russia. The same situation is with another signatory - Gocha Alpaidze (aka Alfason) whose influence within the criminal world has lately got stronger - especially after he became friends with Nadir Salifov (aka Guli).

Those who had openly demonstrated their disrespect towards Taro, are going to be ‘dealt’ with in another way. So, Turkey is expected to be shaken with new dethronement and even murders of ‘thieves in law’. Nevertheless, there’s a possibility that Taro’s clan is going to be slapped around, as well - including those feedforward. So, in the near future, another ‘crime war’ against the victims is going to happen.

‘Thieves’ who had signed the kite and who are in Russia are likely to avoid the ‘convention’ arranged by Taro. They would try to solve their issues with him through his friends who are in Moscow. Vasily Khristoforov (aka Vasya Voskres) is expected to refuse to move to another country on the pretext of the fact that he could be arrested while leaving Russia.

As for Taro’s strategic roadmap related to his willingness to become the number one ‘thief’, he won’t manage to do it without support of such Slavic ‘thieves in law’ as Tyurik, Shishkan, Petrick and Aksen. Then, they did not actively took part in the confrontation between Taro and Ded Khasan; now, they are aloof, as well. Their ‘frontrunner’ is Shakro Molodoy who remains in Russia despite the fact that he’s in prison. He’d rather regain his number one ‘thief in law’ title than Oniani gets it. 



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