Vor Taro to be released. One of Ded Hasan’s archenemies served almost 10 years

Vor Taro to be released. One of Ded Hasan’s archenemies served almost 10 years
Tariel Oniani (Taro)

When at large, he plans to immediately go to Turkey.

Today marks the end of imprisonment of one of the most influential thieves in law Tariel Oniani (Taro).

Taking into account the time spent in custody during the investigation, the vor convicted in July 2010 for 10 years for kidnapping and extortion was to be released on June 11, 2019. However, in 2017, Taro achieved a reduction of the sentence to 9 years and 10 months. Therefore, the new date of his release in the documents of the Federal Penitentiary Service is April 9, 2019. He is currently in the Cherny Delfin strict-security colony in the Orenburg region. 

At the same time, he will be extradited immediately after his release. Initially, 3-year administrative supervision was to be appointed in relation to Taro. In this case, the thief in law would have to be registered with the internal affairs agencies at the place of residence twice a month and must also be at home from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. As reported by Rosbalt, the department explained the need for such measures by the systematic violations of the thief when serving the term. He has committed 253 violations, for which he was put in a punishment cell twice and in punitive confinement 8 times.

However, in July 2018, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation issued a decree, according to which Oniani’s stay in Russia was considered undesirable. So, immediately after his release, he is subject to deportation. 

According to the lawyer of another thief in law, Mindiya Goradze (Lavasoglu Batusmky), Aleksandr Kobaidze, Taro intends to go to Turkey.

Oniani is not a citizen of Georgia; as for Spain where he could hypothetically go to, he would face prosecution for money laundering and creation of a criminal community.

We had earlier reported that as soon as Oniani is released, it’s likely that the fight for the number one ’thief in law’ title will take a turn for the worse. Until quite recently, this title belonged to Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy). When it became known that he would be sent to a colony for a long period of time, ‘thief in law’ Oleg Shishkanov (aka Shishkan) was found as his substitute last summer. Now, there’s a certain ‘windlessness’ in the highest levels of the criminal world, and Taro may use this opportunity.

In Turkey, he’ll be able to freely gather a global ‘convention’ - just like it was done by Shakro Molodoy when he came back from Spain to Armenia in 2015.

In 1980s, the native of Georgia’s Tkibuli - Oniani - was considered the most up-and-coming ‘thief in law’ in Moscow. In 1990s, he moved to France, then to Spain where he, according to the official line, dealt with construction business; but in the local law enforcers’ opinion, he arranged the money laundering business with the money having been ‘earned’ illegally.

In 2005, Spain’s law-enforcement authorities carried out Europe’s major police operation called Osa. More than 400 police officers - with the use of armored fighting vehicles and copters - carried out searches in about 50 buildings in the country’s various cities that ‘belonged’ to the ‘thief’. Oniani managed to escape then. Again, he returned to Russia. In 2006, he gained Russia’s citizenship. It was then when his confrontation with the criminal world’s ‘patriarchs’ - Viacheslav Ivankov (aka Yaponchik) and Aslan Usoyan (aka Ded Khasan) started. Subsequently, both of them were murdered: Yaponchik - in 2009, Ded Khasan - in 2013. Oniani was considered one of the possible instigator of the crimes, but he was not accused. Taro denied his involvement in the murders. 



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