Vor Shishkan possibly arrested after billions went missing from common fund

Vor Shishkan possibly arrested after billions went missing from common fund

Oleg Shishkanov kept the money of his trustors, which could include politicians and big businessmen.

There is a version as to the cause of vor Oleg Shishkanov’s (who is better known as Shishkan and Oleg Ramensky) problems with the law. Shishkanov is known to have kept the common fund of high-ranking people, including politicians and large businessmen, Nasha Versiya reports. 

Thieves of non-Slavic nationalities may have something to do with the loss of several billion euros stored in Spain. It is reported that Shishkan's opponents are trying to get rid of him with the help of a criminal case. It is also noted that he was elected Thief in Law No. 1 as a disguise.

One of the influential Slavic thieves was detained by MIA and FSB officers in the village of Popovka, Ramensky district, on July 14. It was initially reported that the detention took place as part of an investigation into the criminal case of kidnapping and murder of Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Ramensky District Tatyana Sidorova and three members of her family during the night of February 20-21, 2012. However, this charge is no longer mentioned in his criminal case. Shishkan was brought to responsibility as a criminal leader holding a higher position in the criminal hierarchy.

Shishkan is one of the best known and powerful thieves of the Slavic wing. In August last year, he was elected Thief in Law No. 1, replacing Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), who had been sentenced to more than 10 years.



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