Vor Shakro Molodoy getting prepared for new case of illegal seizure of casinos in Moscow 

Vor Shakro Molodoy getting prepared for new case of illegal seizure of casinos in Moscow
Shakro Molodoy

The investigation restores the disappeared case.

Moscow investigators began to execute the decision of the Tagansky court to restore the missing criminal case, the defendant of which is the thief in law Shakro Molodoy. It is about a particularly large-scale fraud and illegal seizure of property of the casinos Kristall and Golden Palace. Under unclear circumstances, the case materials disappeared from the ICR.

According to the source of AGN Moskva, the investigators began checking on the fact of large-scale fraud and misappropriation of property of OOO KRTs Kristall and OOO KRTs Khrustalny Dvorets. According to investigators, Shakro Molodoy, his “right hand” Konstantin Manukyan, Leonid Kaplan (Leon Lann) and US citizen Victoria Crane are involved in the case. And a number of law enforcement officers assisted them, according to the investigation. 14 volumes of the case have not reached the court. Investigators explain the loss of materials by the fact that they were often transferred from one department to another.


Konstantin Manukyan

Moreover, according to some media, some of the missing materials were found during searches in the apartment of Denis Nikandrov, former first deputy head of the Main Investigative Directorate of the ICR in Moscow. He was convicted of receiving a bribe from the entourage of Shakro Molodoy.

In 1999, Kristall and Golden Palace were owned by Optical Basics, Inc, whose shareholders in the following shares were: Alex Crane (aka Alexander Arutyunov) (70%), Karlen Azizbekyan (10%), Zurab Tsereteli (9.5 %), his lawyer Vladimir Dukhnov (1%) and the fifth shareholder (9.5%). At the same time, Azizbekyan, a former officer of the Ministry of Defense, headed the private security firm Magma-V, which was engaged in casino security.

Lunn, working for Crane, became close to Shakro Molodoy and then announced his claims to 70% Optical Basics, Inc. Of course, no one gave him the controlling stake.


Leonid Kaplan

And in January 2000, Vladimir Dukhnov, a lawyer of the architect Tsereteli, went to a business meeting, with him he had the originals of the shares of Crane, and Tsereteli, and disappeared. Operatives are confident that he was killed, but the body has not yet been found.

A month after the disappearance of the lawyer, a group of Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (RUBOP) officers, accompanied by Lann, who was wanted by FBI and Interpol in a fraud case, broke into the Kristall building.

During a search a gun belonging to Azizbekyan, who led the security service of the institution, was found in Kristall. After that, he was taken away for questioning, during which he was asked to voluntarily give up the casino.

His private security firm was supplanted by competitors. At the same time, the controlling stake in Optical Basics continued to remain with Crane and Azizbekyan, who continued the struggle for assets. 


Golden Palace Casino

Crane was kidnapped and killed in 2000, luring him to negotiations in Georgia, despite the fact that the extortioners paid a large sum. Later in this case Shakro Molodoy was convicted for 18 years.

On the day of Crane’s abduction, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia summoned Azizbekyan to bring charges against the case, which was initiated by the capital's police according to Victoria Crane. She stated that all the other shareholders, using fraudulent documents, removed her from her post, taking possession of property worth $4.5 million. But Azizbekyan found out about the abduction of Crane and left the country. He was charged in absentia on five articles of the Criminal Code. At the same time, the Prosecutor General’s Office took away the case file about the abduction and murder of Dukhnov and closed it due to the lack of data on the events of these crimes.

In 2012, as part of the investigation of the case against Azizbekyan, a group of ex-RUBOP employees who participated in the seizure of the casino was questioned. They indicated that there were no motives for searching the Kristall, and the pistol was planted on the orders of the leadership. In 2013, the cases against the former head of security of Kristall and the Golden Palace, Azizbekyan, were closed on rehabilitative grounds. He unsuccessfully tried to sue the Ministry of Finance for the compensation of material damage and moral damage.



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