Vor Gia Beremena re-detained for illegal stay in country

Vor Gia Beremena re-detained for illegal stay in country
Gia Beremena

He had vowed to leave the country, but he did not.

St. Petersburg’s Krasnoselsky court ruled to place the 56-year-old thief in law (vor) Georgy Beriev (Beriashvili), known in the criminal circles as Gia Beremena, in a special detention center for illegal migrants.

He was detained earlier this week by St. Petersburg officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In May 2017, it was reported that as soon as the vor got out of jail in the Arkhangelsk region, law enforcers detained him as a person whose stay in the Russian Federation was considered undesirable. Beriashvili was taken to the same Krasnoselsky court of St. Petersburg and sentenced to a forcible deportation.

Gia Beremena was expelled from the country in 2015 for the first time. It was then that the Russian authorities imposed a lifetime entry ban on the detainee captured at a thieves’ gathering in the heart of Yaroslavl, where they also spotted Nikolai Sokhadze (Koki) another thief in law.

However, he was back soon, having served 13 months for illegal crossing of the border. After jail, Gia, as a persona non grata, spent four more months at the deportation center, from where he was released last September, since no country recognized him as its subject. After that, he promised to leave Russia voluntarily, but he never kept his word.

Operatives use Beriashvili as an example to all oath-breakers with no citizenship who will face indefinite detention in special centers in unbreakable unity with fraternal peoples.

By the way, the St. Petersburg operatives took other issues with the mafia boss besides a violation of the stay. Previously, they had established his involvement in a 1999 robbery when two of his accomplices were detained and convicted, while Beriashvili, the mastermind, managed to leave for Georgia. However, he was not charged in that case.



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