Vor Ara Armavirsky gets seven years in colony 

Vor Ara Armavirsky gets seven years in colony
Ara Armavirsky

The court found the thief in law guilty of Swindling.

In the Krasnodar region, the court has handed down a sentence to thief in law Ara Muradyan, better known as Ara Armavirsky. In addition, his accomplices also got sentences. 

The investigation managed to prove that the thief in law’s crime group extorted 3 million rubles ($46,982) from a local. The woman in question was supposed to receive an inheritance, but she had legal difficulties, in particular, other relatives claimed part of the property. 

Ara promised the woman to solve her issue in exchange for 3 million rubles through an intermediary, but the woman refused. Then the thief resorted to the use of threats and other psychological pressure. The fraud involved Ara’s accomplices, Vitaly Avsharyan aka Multik and Garik Dokhoyan. 


Vitaly Avsharyan (Multik)

The woman reported the upcoming deal to security forces. All three gang members were detained red-handed when transferring the money. A criminal case of Swindling Committed by an Organized Group or On an Especially Large Scale has been initiated against the vor and his accomplices. They all have been convicted for the same article. 


Garik Dokhoyan

Muradyan has been sentenced to seven years, Avsharyan to 4.1 years in prison, and Dokhoyan will serve three years, the FSB Directorate in the Krasnodar region noted. The convicts will serve their sentence in a special-regime colony. The sentence has come into force.



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