Volobuy's brother charged with extortion and swindling totalling to $505.3 thousand

Volobuy's brother charged with extortion and swindling totalling to $505.3 thousand
Dmitry Volobuev with wife Irina

Now brothers Volobuev Nikolai and Dmitry spend time in jail together, waiting for the end of the investigation of their criminal cases.⁠

A few days after the arrest of Nikolai Volobuev (brother of criminal 'authority' Dmitry Volobuev nicknamed Volobuy), the Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee for Kursk region told about the incriminated actions.

Entrepreneur Nikolai Volobuev is charged with two articles of the Criminal Code: part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling), item (b), part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion).

According to the investigation, Volobuyev, occupying a managerial post in one of the commercial firms of the city, withdrew more than 30 million rubles ($505.3 thousand) from the company. This sum he subsequently cashed and appropriated to himself. Volobuev managed to deceive the founder of the affected firm by providing fictitious documents to the accounts department about allegedly rendered services. The investigators note that the accused had accomplices, but they did not specify their names.

The second criminal episode, attributed to Volobuyev, is complicit in extortion. The investigation believes that the entrepreneur "under the threat of violence received from the head of one of the commercial structures of Kursk the right of claim for debt obligations, amounting to more than 6 million rubles ($101 thousand)." Having received the desired the defendant through trustees made arrangements associated with debt obligations.

"In this way, through extortion he obtained the property right of the commercial organization in a particularly large amount," the report of the Investigative Committee says.

The suspect in financial crimes was taken into custody.

The detention of Nikolai Volobuev became known to the press on August 14 this year. According to regional news agency Sekunda.media, along with Volobuyev, his partner, Dmitry Kharlamov, was detained. According to Kharlamov's mother, her son was released from the courtroom without any charges. However, the regional press reports that Volobuev's partner was placed under house arrest. Official bodies do not comment on the situation. 

Initially, the media reported that Nikolai Volobuev was suspected of swindling in the sphere of housing and communal services. According to some reports, the Volobuyev brothers controlled the housing and communal services in the Kursk region "with the tacit consent of the officials." Thus, according to base Contour.Focus, more than 30 companies are registered on the names of brothers. In particular, the brothers established StroyTrust LLC, specializing in real estate management, construction finishing works, etc., and the Volobuyevs' family is the founder of two managing companies, Sozidanie and Svoi Dom. As for Dmitry Kharlamov, his name along with Dmitry and Nikolai Volobuyevs is listed in the founders of company Video-Sphera, engaged in the repair of communication equipment. According to Sekunda.media, this company has been engaged in video surveillance on the streets of the city since 2013.

Nikolai's brother Dmitry Volobuev, also Volobuy, has been in custody since March 2017. Law enforcers bring several articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation against the 'authority'. Volobuev is accused of two contract murders, arson of a motor vehicle, extortion and attempted swindling. One of the crimes, according to the investigation, Volobuy committed together with the vice-mayor of Kursk, the former head of the GUVD, Nikolai Zaitsev. The 'authority' and the official stole 20 garage boxes worth 8 million 200 thousand rubles ($138.1 thousand) from the businessman.



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