Volgograd crime lord leaves traces in Moscow

Volgograd crime lord leaves traces in Moscow
Vitaly Brudny

Vitaly Brudny was detained on suspicion of an attempt on Volgograd criminal 'authority' and famous athlete Vladimir Potashkin.

Volgograd 'authority' Vitaly Brudny was sent from Volgograd to Moscow, Bloknot Volgograda reports with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies. The main accusation against him is an attempted murder of European champion in kickboxing and criminal 'authority' Vladimir Potashkin. In addition, Brudny is suspected of involvement in a number of other crimes, including in Moscow.

Vitaly Brudny was detained on June 12, 2017 in the village of Lazarevskoye in Krasnodar Krai. A few days later he was sent to Volgograd. A month later, the case was passed to the Central Office of the Investigative Committee.

The eldest of the three Brudny brothers, Sergei Brudny, was killed on May 21, 2014 in the center of Volgograd. The younger - Alexei is at large and lives in the village of Nizhny of Traktorozavodsky district of Volgograd. The middle one - Vitaly is now suspected of ordering the murder of Vladimir Potashkin. In 2014, an attempt was made on Potashkin – during the fighting in the circus a grenade was planted. According to one data, the grenade did not explode, as there was a misfire. According to other data, the killer did not draw the tab, since Potashkin was with the child. According to media reports, Vitaly Brudny was the customer of the attempt on Potashkin.

However, later another attempt to kill the athlete was made. It happened on March 1, 2016. The killer released two bullets into the athlete while he was going out from the boxing club, one hit the neck with a flush. Potashkin miraculously managed to survive. A few months before that, unknown people set fire to an armored SUV, which Potashkin got from Volgograd mafia enforcer Vladimir Kadin, who was killed in 2011. At present, according to the media, Potashkin is one of the key figures in the criminal environment of the Volgograd region and a supporter of Kadin's policy line in the region. In June 2017, after a fight in one of the Volgograd restaurants, Potashkin was detained. He was accused of extorting more than 4 million rubles ($69.6 thousand) from fellow businessman Sergei Rodionov. Together with Potashkin, his nephew and guard Dmitry Ismailov and their accomplice Sergei Yanin were detained.



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