Virgin Mary, and not thieves’ stars: ‘thief in law’ Shishkan tells court about his tattoos 

Virgin Mary, and not thieves’ stars: ‘thief in law’ Shishkan tells court about his tattoos
Oleg Shishkanov (left)

Earlier, Oleg Shishkanov refused to show his body pictures to the investigator.

‘Thief in law’ Oleg Shishkanov who had been arrested on accusation of holding the supreme position in a criminal hierarchy (article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) has stated there are no tattoos related to the thieves’ ideology - thieves’ stars - on his body, reports Moskovsky komsomolets.

Shishkanov delivered his speech during the hearing at the Moscow city court where an appeal against his arrest was considered.

“The investigator had no time to ask: “Mr. Medvedev, have you done anything good in your life? He was looking for stars tattoos on my body instead. Now, there is youth wearing T-shirts with logos of some sort of stars in the center of Moscow, on Nikolskaya street. “Do I have a sewing workshop and make them those T-shirts? The investigator only found a tattoo of the Virgin Mary, and he was upset about the fact,” the arrested said.

Besides that, the ‘thief in law’ told about a mosaic with the thieves’ star etched in the deep end of the pool in his house. Medvedev says he rents the house and the previous owner could have various reasons to make the mosaic in the form of the Rose of the Winds.

“As for the mosaic in the pool, may be, someone liked Bellingshausen (a discoverer of the Antarctic) or the Laptev Sea and made this mosaic,” Shishkan said.


During the hearing, Shishkan’s defense team focused on the fact that the anti-thieves law has no retroactive force. Article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has been issued in 2019. Evidence the eyewitnesses refer to relate to events of 1990s and early 2000s. Thus, Medvedev’s defenders believe that all the prosecution has against him is the mosaic in the pool. The arrested noted that he could not create anything or organized anyone for the 90 days the article exists. Nevertheless, the Moscow city court did not change the decision of the Basmanny court related to the arrest of the ‘thief in law’.



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