Violations found in colony where thief in law Vagon died

Violations found in colony where thief  in law Vagon died
Vladimir Vagin (aka Vagon)

The administration of the correctional facility №11 was made a submission.

The Prosecutor’s Office has found irregularities in the detention of individuals, in the correctional facility №11 in the city of Perm - the one where a dead body of a thief in law (vor) Vladimir Vagin (aka Vagon) was found on September 21. 

The irregularities mostly relate to the facility’s housekeeping. In particular, the colony lacks furniture, and several amenity spaces are not present, reports The inmates lack personal hygiene means and clothing. 

The Prosecutor’s Office made a submission to the head of the FKU OIK-11 prison following the examinations, reports its media-office.

Irregularities were also found in the correctional facility №23 which is a part of the colonies’ union. 

The current examination doesn’t seem to be related to the fact that Vagon died, but to the fact that it was visited by representatives of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) in Perm region in February this year. Сonditions of detention of individuals seemed inadmissible to the PMC representatives. It was noted among other irregularities that healthy inmates were put in cells that the day before were left by those with an active form of tuberculosis (the prison is integral with antituberculous department). 

The thief in law (vor) Vagon who was once close to Ded Khasan was transferred to the correctional facility №11 a few days before his death. His lawyer Andrey Guzev who talked to Vagon states that he hadn’t noticed any preconditions for committing suicide - with only 3 years of imprisonment left. However, in the lawyer’s words, the thief in law (vor) told him about threats he had received from the operatives. 

Despite the fact that injuries of criminal nature were not found on Vagin’s body, there’s a lot of suspicious details in the case - it became known recently that on that day electricity was turned off in the colony. At the present time, his lawyers are waiting for the results of the forensic medical examination and security footage to determine what exactly had happened in the colony. 

Interestingly, 2 years ago, in the same colony’s punitive confinement, a 36-year-old Penza thief in law Maksim Novikov (aka Maks Pioner) was found hanging. His entourage also did not believe in his suicide.



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