Video: storming of thief in law Meliya’s apartment on 24th floor 

Video: storming of thief in law Meliya’s apartment on 24th floor
Photo: Still from the video

SOBR special police have descended from the roof onto the balcony of the thief in law.

A video showing the apartment of thief in law Merab Gogiya known as Meliya being stormed has been published online. SOBR special police officers have managed to descend from the roof onto the balcony on the 24th floor to enter the vor’s apartment. He has been detained as a result of a special operation. 

The thief in law agreed to lay facedown on the floor only after brutal physical force was applied to him.

Law enforcers were sent to Meliya after MIA Deputy Head Mikhail Vanichkin decided on the undesirability of further stay of Gogiya in Russia. The vor has been permanently denied entry into the country, however, Meliya is still in the Sakharovo temporary detention center for foreign citizens; he is to be deported shortly.  

Video: SOBR special police storming vor Merab Gogiya's apartment

Search in the thief in law’s apartment revealed three passports - one foreign and two regular, one of them in the name of Sergey Syroezhnikov but with Gogiya’s picture. 

Gogiya received Russian citizenship in March 2008. The decision to grant citizenship was found to be unfounded and was annulled in mid-February.



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