Video of detention of thief in law Kakha Galsky during his trip in armoured Mercedes emerges on web 

Video of detention of thief in law Kakha Galsky during his trip in  armoured Mercedes emerges on web
Detention of Kakha Galsky

Bag of cocaine was seized from him during the searches.

This past weekend, thief in law Kakhaber Parpalia (aka Kakha Galsky) has been detained by officers of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department and Rosgvardia (Russia’s Federal National Guard Troops Service).

Representative of Russia’s MIA in Moscow Ekaterina Guz reported that armoured Mercedes was stopped at the junction of Rublevskoe Highway and 3rd Cherepkovskaya street during the active search measures. 

Plastic bag with powdery substance inside was found in the pants pocket of the 43-year-old visitant who was in the vehicle. The study revealed the substance that was seized was narcotic substance - cocaine with a mass exceeding 8 grams.

The thief in law attempted to oppose during the detention; he was forced to lie face down on the ground by the officers.

Kakha Galsky kept silent when was asked by the officers what his name was, whether he had had prior records and what position he held in the criminal world.

At this point, the Investigation Office of the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow’s district of Kuntsevo has initiated a criminal case under article 228 of Russia’s Criminal Code (Illegal Acquisition, Storage, Transportation, Making or Processing of Narcotic Drugs). Parpalia has been placed in detention. 

Каха Гальский

Kakha Galsky

Kakha Galsky’s driver (who also has prior records) was detained, as well; unlicensed combat pistol was seized from him.

As previously reported, shortly after Parpalia was detained, the operatives started receiving proposals to release him and even threats in case of disagreement. The Federal Security Service officers who also took part in Kakha Galsky’s detention recorded every call.

Kakhaber Parpalia is one of the most influential ‘thieves in law’. He was ‘crowned’ in Moscow in 1999. He had never faced criminal indictment, however had been detained along with other ‘thieves in law’ - including detention at ‘thieves’ conventions’. Some ‘thieves in law’ believe Kakha Galsky has mutually advantageous links with law enforcement officials. Now, Kakha Galsky who was detained with 8 grams of cocaine is very likely to face his first real sentence.



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