Video: murder of mafia enforcer’s confidant in Irkutsk region 

Video: murder of mafia enforcer’s confidant in Irkutsk region
Still from the video

An associate of Kolya Lyuka was shot during a fight.

A video showing the fight, and then the murder of 30-year-old resident of Cheremkhov, Irkutsk region, has appeared on the Web. It was posted by REN TV.

In the video, a few men are beating one man on the street outside the Pekin restaurant; then one of them tries to leave the fight scene, and someone shots him several times. The man falls.

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, the wounded man died in hospital on February 6. Some sources say he was a local crime lord, a confidant of mafia enforcer Kolya Lyuka. According to Novy Irkutsk’s sources, the latter is a close friend and business partner of the city mayor, Vadim Semyonov.

Law enforcers are checking into the incident and deciding on the initiation of a criminal case.

Video: Man gets shot outside a restaurant in Irkutsk region (18+)



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