Video from scene of thief in law Ando Khromoi's murder available 

Video from scene of thief in law Ando Khromoi's murder available
Murder scene

The crime lord was shot last night near his home.

According to the press service of the Yerevan police, they received the signal that the corpse of 46-year-old Andranik Arutyunyan with gunshot injuries was brought to a medical facility yesterday at 23:10. It soon became clear that the killed man was notorious thief in law Ando Khromoi, or Masivtsi Andik (Andik from Massiv) was killed.

The police found casings and cartridges, traces similar to blood and a sports bag, which, according to preliminary data, belongs to the killer at the crime scene in the courtyard of house number 17 on Mikoyan Street (Nork massif of Yerevan).

The unknown person fired several shots from a firearm at Arutyunyan, after which he disappeared. Passers-by called an ambulance, but they did not have time to take the crime lord to hospital - he died from injuries received.

A criminal case has been opened into the murder. A series of examinations have been commissioned. Operational search activities are being carried out to clarify all the circumstances of the case and establish the person that committed the crime, as well as to find the gun.


A year ago, Ando Khromoi was detained during a comprehensive check of all thieves in law living in Armenia. Together with Alexander Makaryan (Alo), he was charged with storing drugs. During a search in his house, the security forces discovered plastic containers with methadone.


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