Version: Serezha-Bentley extorted $1.2 million from family friend taking advantage of friendship between parents 

Version: Serezha-Bentley extorted $1.2 million from family friend taking advantage of friendship between parents
Sergey Asatryan, Gennady Ivankov and Eduard Asatryan

It became known the details of how kingpin Sergey Asatryan (Serezha-Bentley and Osetrina Mladshy) and Arthur Baghdasaryan extorted $1.2 million from businessman Karen Mkhitaryan. One of the versions was presented by the program Moment Istiny (Moment of Truth) citing the criminal case's documents.

According to the documents, the story began in 2013 when under mysterious circumstances former MIA police officer of Georgia Aramayis Khumaryan was killed. He was very well acquainted with Sergey and Eduard Asatryans. These families were friends, visited various celebrations. Aramayis Khumaryan patronized Asatryan Sr., helped to close criminal cases and conceal crimes. All this happened in early 80s and 90s in Georgia. When the ex-policeman died, thief in law Sergey Asatryan decided to take possession of the property, which belonged to Khumaryan's son-in-law, businessman Karen Mkhitaryan.

The object of the Serezha-Bentley’s attack was an expensive piece of land in the Tagansky district of Moscow. First of all, the thief in law together with accomplices began to artificially create problems with the land plot: sent groups of Chechen fighters, threatened with death and various troubles. Of course, Mkhitaryan did not know who was the customer of all the trouble. Then, Sergey Asatryan came to help and prompted the decision - hide the site, reregistered it to uncle of Sergey Asatryan, Arthur Baghdasaryan. He explained that no one would not entrench upon the property of the kingpin. Thus, Asatryan took over part of the property cost about a million dollars.

But this was not enough. Continuing to creep into the favour, Osetrina Mladshy conspired with former employee of the MIA BIA in Moscow Karen Gevorgyan. He, forging signatures of Karen Mkhitaryan in the documents on the transfer of property, seized businessman's two luxury apartments in Moscow. However, the businessman still had no idea who was behind all these attacks and frauds. When he decided to go to the police, he began to receive death threats over family members.


Then, Asatryan decided to get even cash from the family friend. Serezha-Bentley said Mkhitaryan that his deceased father-in-law owed a large sum of money to very influential people. Allegedly, before his death Aramayis Khumaryan was engaged in selling his company to leader of the Taganskaya OCG Igor Zhirnokleev, but did not have time to finish the deal. Thus, the loss of profit amounting to $1.2 million allegedly occurred, which Zhirnokleev demands to return. Osetrina Mladshy has explained that his thieves' authority is not enough to close the issue. However, he vouched that Mkhitaryan would return the debt of the deceased father of his wife, and he would be a guarantee. However, Mkhitaryan flatly refused to pay.

Then, by the already established pattern, the thief in law began to send different thugs, who threatened them and demanded a refund, to intractable businessman and his family members. Only this time Sergey Asatryan exerted the pressure, because he was the guarantor, but Mkhitaryan did not agree. Then, Osetrina Mladshy moved to the active phase. With the encouragement of his father, Eduard Asatryan, a country house belonging to the family of Mkhitaryan, located in Aprelevka, the Moscow region, was burned. Also all members of Mkhitaryan's family began to receive threats from Armenia. On December 25, 2016, criminals had committed arson of two Armenian buildings belonging to the family of Mkhitaryan.

However, at that time, Asatryan and his accomplices have already been in the development of the operatives of the Criminal Investigation Department of the West Administrative District MD MIA in Moscow (ZAO CID MIA). The court permitted wiretapping of all telephone conversations of Sergey Asatryan. However, investigators could not determine which Karen was under Asatryan's threats, because they did not enter upon threats's realization. Karen Mkhitaryan would not even know that behind all these threats was the close friend of his late father-in-law.

In late 2014, Mkhitaryan took his family from Moscow to Armenia, and he remained in the capital with the desire to make sense of all this ridiculous story of extortion and threats. Employees of the ZAO CID MIA in Moscow initiated the criminal case against unknown persons, who committed the above mentioned illegal actions against Karen Mkhitaryan and his family. Then, the CID officers told investigators that have information about the persons involved in the commission of crimes. It was decided to call Arthur Bagdasaryan, on whom property of Mkhitaryan was re-registered, for interrogation, but he said he did not understand why he had been summoned.

After a while, Arthur Bagdasaryan returned to ZAO CID MIA in Moscow and wrote a statement, completely opposite to earlier indications given by him. In a statement, crime boss Arthur Bagdasaryan (known as Arthur Mafia) requested to prosecute the CID officers, who, according to him, putting pressure, illegally brought him to the police station. And, moreover, he said that Karen Mkhitaryan illegally seized belonging to him cash in the amount of $1.2 million. In his new testimony Bagdasaryan stated that Mkhitaryan, deceiving him, took away the aforementioned amount from the safe-deposit box.

Investigators had to call in suspect Karen Mkhitaryan for questioning, and provided the statement, written in his address. In addition, the Criminal Investigation Department staff presented evidence that all illegal actions were planned and committed by Sergey Asatryan and his accomplices. Later, Sergey Asatryan and his uncle Arthur Bagdasaryan were detained. In his testimony, Sergey Asatryan vaguely tried to explain the motives of his actions and stated that he had acted only in the interests Bagdasaryan.


As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the MID ICR completed the criminal investigation against kingpin Sergey Asatryan and his accomplice Arthur Bagdasaryan, arrested in December, 2015 on charges of extorting a large sum of money. They are charged against under Article 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion). Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrina), according to the testimony of victim Mkhitaryan, was also involved in the case and, soon, he could be charged. Before Asatryan Sr. was arrested for cocaine, he personally threatened Mkhitaryan and demanded money. Currently, Eduard Asatryan is serving a three-year sentence for illegal possession of drugs. If convicted of extortion, the sentence will be more severe.

His son Serezha-Bentley came to the attention of law enforcement agencies before his arrest on charges of extortion from Mkhitaryan in September 2014. Asatryan was arrested together with Kaliningrad thief in law Elijah Gagloev (Ilo Kaliningradsky) in cafe Sim-Sim near Moscow Zoo. Mia officers were seized drugs at Gagloev. The police had no claims to Osetrina Mladshy and released him.



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