Vazha Tbilissky violates Shakro Molodoy’s moratorium: new vor crowned in Cyprus

Vazha Tbilissky violates Shakro Molodoy’s moratorium: new vor crowned in Cyprus
Vazha Tbilissky

According to the 62-year-old thief in law, it is the responsibility of every vor to crown those who deserve to be a thief in law, and this process should not be stopped for a single minute.

A new member has recently joined the thieves’ community at the behest of thief in law Vazha Biganishvili (Vazha Tbilissky). Some sources say that the ‘crowning’ took place in Cyprus. A certain Soso from the Georgian town of Gori (thus nicknamed Soso Goriysky) has become a vor. The famous thieves in law, who also come from this town, are Mikhail Akhavitov (Chokna Misha Goriysky) and Kakhaber Dapkviashvili (Kakha).

Thus, the 62-year-old thief interrupted the moratorium imposed by Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). Especially since Vazha Tbilissky committed this action without the involvement of the ‘thieves' mass’ — at the gathering, there were mainly his ‘godchildren,’ who unanimously supported the nominee.

It is known that Soso lived in Europe (in France and Italy) for the last 15 years. He was in charge of the common fund in Milan for a while.

To recall, a veto on the chaotic ‘crowning’ was introduced in 2014 by Shakro Molodoy, who returned from Spain, who was thus trying to preserve the fragile peace between rival clans. Before that, the main opponents Nadir Salifov (Guli) and Rovshan Lenkoransky easily crowned their confidants by their own efforts, thus strengthening their clans by thieves in law.

No one dared to violate the prohibition, even after it became known that Shakro Molodoy would have to serve many years in prison, where he is now kept practically in isolation. Nevertheless, this was bound to happen sooner or later, especially if the vor violating this prohibition himself claims to carry a lot of weight.

At the same time, Vazha Tbilissky explained his actions by the fact that empowering worthy thieves is the direct responsibility of every vor, and this process cannot be stopped for a minute. According to him, only ‘cops’ can support the termination of new crowning.

Now other thieves may follow Biganishvili’s example — each clan has its own aspirants waiting for their turn. Although, if Vazha does not find support among the majority, it is possible that new inter-clan feuds await the ‘thieves' world.’

It is known that Shakro's unstated successor, Kakha Parpaliya, who strongly opposes Vazha’s promotion, has already expressed his dissatisfaction with the actions of Vazha Tbilissky. However, he did not personally address him, but indicated his position among the vors close to him. It is known that Vazha is ready to start a dispute with Parpalia, if the latter has the guts to enter in an open confrontation.



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