Vasya Bandit threatens to "feed sponsor to pigs"  

Vasya Bandit threatens to "feed sponsor to pigs"
Vasya Bandit

A high-profile thief in law has been covering one of the oldest Russian enterprises since 2005.⁠

Powerful thief in law Igor Kokunov nicknamed Vasya Bandit has been giving cover to one of the oldest Russian watches factory for many years. Kommersant got to know this, and its journalists were able to review the papers of the criminal case brought against the criminal.

As The CrimeRussia previously reported, Vasya Bandit was detained in Podolsk (Moscow region) on February 21, 2017. However, the staff of the MIA Criminal Search did not even have to look for him – he came to register himself as he was under supervision after release from prison, where he spent 7 years for extortion.

Detention of Vasya Bandit

At the request of the Investigation Department of the Central District of Moscow Tagansky District Court arrested the thief in law until March, 14, and recently he was charged under item (b), part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion). It is known that the victim in this case is owner and CEO of PAO First Moscow Watch Factory Sergey Ksenofontov. Another person involved in this case – so-called resolver Dmitry Goldberg, who gave detailed testimony against Kokunov, having called him the extortion organizer. Having ratted out Vasya Bandit, Goldberg concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation and can count on a minimum period.

Kommersant believes that the arrested thief in law has been providing cover to Sergey Ksenofontov and PAO First Moscow Watch Factory owned by him. The company has a long history: it was opened in 1930 and has been producing such well-known in the USSR and Russia watch brands as Pobeda, Shturmanskiye, Sekonda and Romanoff.

Ksenofontov met the thief in law in 2005 through mutual friend Dmitry Goldberg. Then the factory owner had a conflict with business partners and attracted to him Vasya Bandit resolved all the issues. Apparently, the owner of the factory appreciated the help of the criminal and gave him a S-Class Mercedes, and agreed to pay $10 thousand per month. After some time appetite of Kokunov grew, and he demanded $25 thousand for his services – Ksenofontov agreed to this as well. He passed the money through Goldberg every month, the salary of the resolver was $5 thousand that were also regularly paid.

And so it happened this way until 2008, when the thief in law was in jail and then was sentenced for extortion. By the end of the term Ksenofontov decided to do away with his patronage offering compensation in the amount of $1 million, but he was not satisfied with that amount. All subsequent negotiations took place through the resolver. According to conditions of Vasya Bandit, the owner of the factory had to pay him $3 million, or re-register 1 thousand sq. m. area of ​​the enterprise. At the same time Sergey Ksenofontov was bombarded with threats. In particular, there was a promise to "kill and send to feed the pigs" if he does not comply with the requirements.

The factory owner proposed another compromise solution: to transfer four apartments in Moscow and Sochi luxury residential complex to the criminal. Then he turned to law enforcement authorities with a claim about extortion on Goldberg and Kokunov.

The resolver was taken first in November 2016, court did not place him into custody and sentenced to home detention. Such loyalty on the part of the investigation, which did not require detention, was due to the fact that Goldberg gave detailed testimony against Vasya Bandit and called him the extortion organizer.

After detention Igor Kokunov denied everything Goldberg had said. His defense insisted that in order to avoid punishment, the resolver slandered the thief in law, who disavows the fact of extortion, long-term cover of the watch factory and even acquaintance with Sergey Ksenofontov. Lawyers of thief in law claim that Goldberg extorted money from the factory owner using his influential name.



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