Vagon hanged himself in Perm colony. Two years earlier Max Pioneer found hanged in neighboring IK 

Vagon hanged himself in Perm colony. Two years earlier Max Pioneer found hanged in neighboring IK
Vladimir Vagin (Vagon)

One of the most noticeable representatives of the 'Slavic' wing of the Ded Hasan's thief clan, Vladimir Vagin, was serving his last term for an attempt to kill a police officer.

On September 21an influential Slavic thief-in-law Vladimir Vagin, known in criminal circles under the nickname Vagon, was found hanged in a solitary confinement cell of the IK-10 in the village of Vsesyvatskaya GUFSIN (Main Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service) in the Perm region.

The 54-year-old convict from Nizhny Novgorod was dragged from the loop in the cell soon after the lights-out. Details of the incident are still unknown. However, 2.5 years before the death of the Vagon a thief-in-law Maksim Novikov (Max Pioneer) hanged himself in the punitive confinement of another colony of the same Perm GUFSIN IK-11 in the village of Nyrob.

After the death of Maksim Novikov, many conducted an analogy with the legendary Vasya Brilliant (Vasya Diamond), who was also found strangled in the Perm colony 30 years ago.

Relatives of the Pioneer did not seem to believe that he passed away at his own will; before he died, Novikov repeatedly said in a conversation with his lawyer that he was "going to die a thief," and after the suicide of the 36-year-old convict a check was carried out on the fact of his death.

The Grave of Max Pioneer

'Crowned' in 1995, a native of the Kaliningrad region, Vladimir Vagin, along with thieves in law Pichuga and Vasya Voskres, was considered one of the most influential representatives of the 'Slavic' wing of the Ded Hasan's thief clan. In 2012, Vagon together with other well-known thieves in law came under the sanctions of the Ministry of Finance in the United States among the participants of the transnational criminal organization The Brothers' Circle.


The Brothers' Circle-2012

In 2017, he was expelled by the US authorities from the latest edition of the sanctions list, since in 2016 he received 7.5 years in prison in Russia – his last of 9 prison terms.

The court found Vagin guilty of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer who was not in execution. According to the case materials, in March 2009, in a street fight in Nizhny Novgorod, Vagon wounded a graduate of the MIA Academy Fedor Luchinkin with a knife. Having learned who the wounded Luchinkin was, Vagon left Russia and for almost 10 years hid in the UAE, from where he was extradited to his homeland in 2014. First, the court sentenced Vagon to 1 year 9 months of the settlement colony for intentional infliction of injury to health of average gravity, but after reviewing the case at the request of the prosecutor's office, his actions were committed to an attempt on murder, and therefore the thief in law was sentenced to 7.5 years.

Since 2016, Vladimir Vagin was serving his sentence in the correctional colony No. 35 in the Chusovsky district of the Perm region, but in February 2018 he was transferred to the neighboring IK-10 into a solitary confinement cell, which is usually applied to malicious violators of the detainees' regime.



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