Vadik Krasnodasky murderer sentenced to 20 years: crime solved?  

Vadik Krasnodasky murderer sentenced to 20 years: crime solved?
Monument on Vadik Krasnodarsky's grave

The thief in law forfeited his life for embezzling a part of the thieves’ common funds.

As it became known, one of these days the court of the Turkish capital returned a severe verdict against the authority named Mongol, who was found guilty of the murder of thief in law Vadim Ivanenko, known in the criminal world under nickname Vadik Krasnodarsky. Rosbalt referring to a source reports that all roads from Mongol, who pleaded guilty in the massacre of Ivanenko, lead to thief in law Oleg Pirogov, better known as Tsirkach (Circus man).

According to reports, Mongol could face the capital punishment in Turkey, but the court sentenced him to 20 years in prison. But is it worth to close this resonant case? 4666becc5f2844878a3bc9263f97da97.jpeg

The CrimeRussia repeatedly reported on the murder of Vadik Krasnodarsky. The 46-year-old Krasnodarsky criminal was shot in February 2015. According to our information, Ivanenko recently hid in Turkey at a local mafia boss nicknamed Los’ (Elk). It is known that these events were preceded by the loss of part of the thieves’ common bufund in the amount of $6 million, the security of which was overseen by Vadik Krasnodarsky.

Shakro Molodoy returned from Spain to Russia and asked Ivanenko for the money entrusted to him, and the latter came up with stories that it was seized by the Adygei police and left for Turkey, allegedly hiding from the pressure of the MIA. Appropriations from the thieves’ fund are severely punished in this environment, and this is what in fact happened with Vadik Krasnodarsky.

It was man aspiring to become a thief in law nicknamed Mongol who shot Ivanenko, there was Tsirkach next to him at that moment. According to some information, Mongol was part of the group controlled by Pirogov.

Notably, murdered Vadik Krasnodarsky has long been famous for his improvidence. After the assassination of Ded Hassan Ivanenko tacitly took control of the situation in the province and, due to anarchy spontaneously formed in the region, gained access to big money. ‘Brothers in trade’ reproached him for luxury inappropriate for a criminal and at the same time for neglecting the interests of ordinary prisoners. For some time there was information that Ivanenko's sidekicks were collecting ‘tribute’ from prisoners of Krasnodar colonies, which went for his personal needs.

After the murder of the thief in law both Mongol and several other authoritative personalities were detained on suspicion of involvement in the crime. However, all of them including Tsirkach were released under a written undertaking not to leave the place. Nothing is reported about which procedural status in this case they currently have.

Released Tsirkach decided to flee secretly from Turkey through Iraq, and his closest associate – thief in law Caesar – and the Kurds who agreed to send them abroad volunteered to help him. During this event the thieves in law were detained at a checkpoint in Iraqi Kurdistan after transition of the Turkish-Iraqi border. Russian criminals were accused in connection with terrorist organizations. Tsirkach and Caesar spent 8 months in custody. During this time lawyers of the criminals were able to connect the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to the resolution of the problem, and they provided the Iraqi authorities with data according to which neither were found connected to terrorism. After the documents specifying that in Russia Pirogov and Zharinov were not found connected to terrorists were transferred through the diplomatic line, the matter got off the ground. As a result, the Iraqi authorities released the thieves-in-law and they returned to Russia. According to the data The CrimeRussia has, all charges of complicity with IS (the terrorist organization forbidden in Russia) and links with terrorists were dropped from Tsirkach and Caesar.




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