US gangsters to visit wedding of daughter of Armenian thief in law Pzo

US gangsters to visit wedding of daughter of Armenian thief in law Pzo
Pzo (left)

Armen Kazaryan used to live in the U.S. for a long period of time.

‘Thief in law’ Armen Kazaryan (aka Pzo) has invited more than 300 representatives of the U.S. criminal world to his daughter’s wedding that is expected to take place in Armenia, reports Zhamanak newspaper.

It had earlier been reported that the husband of Pzo’s daughter is going to be a relative of Armenia’s ex-Minister of Transport Eduard Madatyan.

Pzo was ‘crowned’ in 1991 in Rostov-on-Don. He head been living in the USA from 1996 till 2008. While there, he arranged a criminal syndicate mainly consisted of immigrants from Armenia. Pzo, in particular, is involved in a high-profile incident related to theft of personal data of doctors and patients the criminals used in order to pump millions of dollars out of Medicare system. American experts believe that the criminal gang appropriated the total of $165 million.

Pzo’s affiancer Khachuch Edo was Armenia’s Minister of Transport in 2000-2001; before that, he was a member of Armenia’s parliament. Eduard Madatyan - against whom criminal case into planning of assassination of the President and the country’s other high-ranking parties had been initiated - left Armenia in 2004. He returned to the country in 2008 when the criminal case was closed unexpectedly.



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