Urlashov goes on hunger strike

Urlashov goes on hunger strike
Evgeny Urlashov

The FSIN in the Yaroslavl region confutes that information.

The former Mayor of Yaroslavl, Evgeny Urlashov, convicted in 2016 for bribery, goes on an unofficial hunger strike in IK-2 in Rybinsk. According to Kommersant, the FSIN in the Yaroslavl region confutes the information on the ex-Mayor’s hunger strike because the convict did not file an official statement on the refusal of a meal in the name of YK-2 head Yuri Maravsky.

Irina Biryukova, the lawyer of the Public Verdict Human Rights Foundation, wrote on Facebook that Urlashov did not eat for several days due to a conflict with other prisoners.

“He goes on hunger strike due to the inaction of the administration of the colony. Supposedly, convicts from the inner circle of Shakro Molodoy are placed in a rehabilitation squad, which causes inconvenience to the rest of the convicts. The information is inaccurate, it will be verified, so I can’t give any official comments,” Biryukova wrote.

She also reported that Urlashov does exercises, and some thieves do not, and nothing happens for them. According to the lawyer, these prisoners allow themselves a lot and cause “inconvenience to the rest of the convicts of this detachment.”

The representative of the ex-Mayor of Yaroslavl, Svetlana Efimova, said that the conflict situation appeared since April. The hunger strike lasted from June 7 to 11.

The former Mayor of Yaroslavl was detained in July 2013. Three years later, the court found Urlashov guilty of attempted bribe-taking from director of the Radostroy company Sergey Shmelev and the director general of Yardorstroy, Eduard Avdalyan. In 2018, Urlashov filed a pardon request, but Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected it.



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