Ural Azerbaijanis choose crowned thief Guli as patron

Ural Azerbaijanis choose crowned thief Guli as patron
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

He took the place of Rovshan Lenkoransky, who had been murdered six months ago.

Azerbaijani traders in the Sverdlovsk region swore allegiance to Nadir Salifov, a 44-year-old crowned thief nicknamed Guli. This was reported by Ura.ru with reference to its sources in law enforcement. The kingpin will rule straight out of the prison, where he is to remain until 2021. He is serving his sentence in ITK-8 ('Correctional Labor Colony') of special regime in the village of Puta in Azerbaijan.

Thus, Rovshan Lenkoransky's clan finally lost in this region. After all, even at the time when Rovshan was still alive, Guli sent a message to the 'areas' of Russia and Azerbaijan, which read: "... And I also inform you about Rovshan Lenkoransky, who is nobody and has no name, and this is the decision of Thieves. As for Haji and Rufat, these impostors sow fornication between people. These rat have existed at all times and will be judged with the utmost rigor. Here I bid you farewell, wishing you the best, good luck and loot in earthly affairs, and, of course, the Golden Freedom. Take care of yourself, take care of Thieves. Best Regards, I, Guli Thief."

Not so long ago, his supporters exchanged fire in Baku with the gang of another kingpin, Rafik Eivazov nicknamed Rafik Masallinsky. The shootout involved 20 people, some were injured. It was provoked by an attack on Rafik Massalinsky at the end of last year in Turkey, when perpetrators not only beat him, but also cut off his ear.

A question arose after Rovshan Lenkiransky's death in last August about who the Azerbaijani Diaspora would consider the new patron of the Sverdlovsk region.

It was reported that the diaspora planned to swear allegiance to the local kingpin Agayar Agayev (Sedoy) at his birthday party. Especially since Agayev positioned himself as Rovshan Lenkoransky's protege. However, the riot police ruined those dreams.

Crowned thief Shakro Molodoy also promoted his supporters by sending a kingpin Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto) to the region in the late summer of 2016. Subsequently, some Azerbaijani businessmen sided with him, despite the fact that he belonged to the clan of Rovshan Lenkoransky's opponents.

In addition, there were theories that the Ural trip of Avtandil Kobeshavidze served only to prepare for the return of another kingpin, Gii Akoev, to Yekaterinburg. Akoev, also known as Gii Sverdlovsky, was the nephew of Timur Sverdlovsky, who lived in Yekaterinburg and died in 2014. Akoev was to be soon released from prison.

Later it was reported that Kobeshavidze intended to soon move to the Kurgan region or the Southern Urals, leave a 'successor' in the face of a local kingpin known as Damir s Sortirovki. Sortirovka was located in the area of the so-called Ekaterinburg's 'Tagansky Ryad,' which was familiar to Kobeshavidze. In the mid 2000s, he committed burglaries there. Damir is engaged in protection racket of various criminal sectors, including money laundering.



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