Ukrainian police expelled Georgian "crime lord" Dato Swan

Ukrainian police expelled Georgian "crime lord" Dato Swan
Dati Swan

On the eve of Saturday, June 18, in Odessa police arrested Georgian "crime lord" David Gerliani, known by the nickname Dato Swan.

As it turned out, on the territory of Ukraine he was present illegally, so right after arrest he was deported to Georgia.

In the arrest operationof Dato Swann took part such divisions as Crime Investigation Department and The Rapid Response Unit, led by the Head of Main Directorate of National Police in Odessa Region, Giorgi Lortkipanidze.

According to police, 43-year-old man was detained in one of the restaurants in Odessa. He got a Ukrainian passport issued to a different name. At the moment law enforcement agencies verify authenticity of the passport and legitimacy of it’s obtainment.

The police also repors that according to the legislation of Georgia, David Gerliani's recognition that he was coronated as a «crime lord» may cost him several years in prison. At the same time, Ukrainian legislation does not provide any sanctions in this regard. Because of that, after the arrest of Dato Swan Timiryazevskiy District Court of Odessa adjudicated to deporthim to Georgia. Law enforcers hope that at home, "crime lord" will be detained by their Georgian colleagues.

To be noted that last fall Dato Swan was detained in Moscow by Criminal Investigation Department personnel. In Russia he was also present illegally and after arrest was placed in a special detention center for illegal migrants.

During that time 43-year-old "crime lord" opened up about spending in prisons about 20 years.

According to 'Crime Russia ", Dato Swan is a son-in-lawof famous Georgian «crime lord» Valiko Dzhedzheya, nicknamed Valter, as well as one of the companions of Rovshan Lenkoranskiy.



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