Ukrainian police detained Georgian thief in law near Kiev 

Ukrainian police detained Georgian thief in law near Kiev

A 43-year-old kingpin used to extort money from Ukrainian businessmen with the help of other members of organized crime groups.

According to the press service of the National Police Main Administration for the Kiev region, a native of Georgia with the status of thief in law has been detained not far from the capital of Ukraine; together with accomplices, he is suspected of organizing illegal possession of weapons and extortion.

It is reported that a gun, a press card, and other documents have been seized from the detainee. Ukrainian law enforcement officers are currently verifying the authenticity of the documents.

Apart from the unnamed thief in law, his accomplices, armed with cold arms and baseball bats, have also been detained. The Ukrainian police also told that medicines of unknown origin and pieces of amber have been found in the kingpin's car. Criminal proceedings have been initiated under part 1 of Art. 263 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (Illegal handling of weapons, ammunition, or explosives).

The law enforcers note that the Georgian citizen has been illegally staying on the territory of Ukraine for 10 years.

He had earlier been expelled from the country, but then he illegally returned and continued his criminal activities.

The police is carrying out special investigation activities to detain other members of the organized criminal group; a pre-trial investigation has been instigated.

Let us recall that law enforcement bodies of Ukraine are pursuing a consistent policy to combat crime bosses and thieves in law from the CIS countries. In August, it was reported that 11 thieves in law had been deported from the country over the previous four months. Military Prosecutor General of Ukraine Anatoly Matios noted that there are 120 crime bosses from all over the CIS in Ukraine. 



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