Ukrainian official who was friends with thief in law received threats before getting killed 

Ukrainian official who was friends with thief in law received threats before getting killed
Anatoly Zhuk

A week after former deputy and Head of the Department of Urban Development of the City Council Anatoly Zhuk was killed in Sumy, his wife and daughter, as well as personal driver, went missing. Police of Ukraine initiated a criminal case into their murder.

The details of the investigation into the murder of Sumy official Anatoly Zhuk, associated with the influential thief in law Sergey Lysenko (Lera Sumskoy), who was shot in his own house August 2, have come to light.

According to, August 10, a week after the murder of Anatoly Zhuk, the General Department of the National Police of Ukraine in the Sumy region initiated a criminal case into the disappearance of the widow and daughter of the killed official. Their disappearance had come to light the day before. August 8, Anna Zhuk and her daughter accompanied by her driver Aleksandr Yatsenko on Mitsubishi Lancer had to visit her mother in law, but they have gone missing ever since. The Sumy police posted an announcement via its Facebook account about their search with the indication of their distinguishing features.

The investigation considers several version of Anatoly Zhuk's murder, including contract murder and domestic homicide. In particular, law enforcers are checking the involvement of Zhuk's wife in his murder.


It is known that at the time of the official’s death, his wife was at home, and his large watchdog was outside. However, it was his neighbors who first noticed the shots. The dog’s behavior and the fact that the killer easily broke into the yard indicate that someone on the inside may be involved in the murder.

In addition, the local weekly Vash Shans reported that shortly before the murder of the official, a fire had broken out in one of the premises of the house, which Anatoly extinguished on his own. The cause of the fire was not reported. Since Anatoly suffered smoke inhalation when extinguishing the fire, he laid down to have some rest outside. 17 hours later, he was killed. His father came to help to clean up after the fire and found his son dead.

Anna Zhuk's lawyer Anatoly Romanyuk said that police officers tried to make the official’s death look like a domestiс conflict and pin it on his wife. She was held at the police station for 14 hours; law enforcers exerted pressure on her, forcing her to take the blame. After the police station, Anna Zhuk was taken to a hospital under stress. According to Romanyuk, investigators tried to falsify evidence to terminate the case, presenting everything as a domestic conflict.

Meanwhile, Vash Shans notes that certain details of Zhuk’s death still indicate it was an assassination.

First of all, it is a Czech made pistol without a number thrown near the body makes it difficult to determine its origin and the nature of injuries. Anatoly Zhuk was killed by two shots, in the back in the heart area and in the temporal part of the head.

In addition, it is known that July 30, Zhuk published a strange text and video, in which he threatened someone, on his Facebook page. Earlier, he posted someone's threats that were sent to him in private messages, but by the time of the tragedy, they were removed from the official’s page.

The publication also notes that 35-year-old Anatoly Zhuk often entered into conflicts with the current city leadership and devoted the recent years to the investigation of its activities. In the period from 2016 to 2018, Zhuk was exposing corrupt schemes in the Sumy City Council. His colleague for social activity at Sumchane OO, Sergey Drozdenko, said that some time ago, Anatoly had warned that they were being watched and that someone had ordered them murdered, but he did not take it seriously. Shortly before the assassination, Anatoly Zhuk told him that he had found documents that could indicate a ‘milking’ of budget funds in the construction of one of the roads in Sumy.


Lera Sumskoy

In addition, the publication recalled the links of the official, who had been convicted at the age of 18 for Hooliganism and Possession of Weapons, with the local criminal underworld. The deceased was considered a friend of the 63-year-old thief in law Sergey Lysenko (Lera Sumskoy), openly acknowledged this friendship and said that he was not going to deny his friends under any circumstances.



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