Ukrainian crime lord kidnapped in Moscow extorts millions from Yanukovich’s supporters who fled to Russia

Ukrainian crime lord kidnapped in Moscow extorts millions from Yanukovich’s supporters who fled to Russia
Photo: The CrimeRussia

The details of the criminal business of the Ukrainian crime lord Yury Vasilenko abducted on January 10 in Moscow have become known.

The person involved in the cases of the murders of Denis Voronenkov and Yevgeny Zhilin, Yury Vasilenko, earned money in Russia on the withdrawal of assets from Ukraine from representatives of Viktor Yanukovych’s entourage, who fled the country after the change of power.

According to Rosbalt, citing a law enforcement source, Vasilenko, together with his Russian partners, attempted to withdraw large sums from accounts in Ukraine, controlled by those who fled the country, offered assistance in selling real estate objects, enterprises, and transporting expensive cars and antiques to Russia.

At the same time, according to the source of Rosbalt, only a tiny part of the assets and money, and sometimes nothing at all, often reached the fugitives. For example, from $10 mln, withdrawn from Ukraine, only $2-3 mln could reach a client’s overseas account. The same thing happened with antiques.

The victims could not dispute the results of such transactions, firstly, because of the illegality of all operations, and secondly, because of the extremely influential Russian mafia behind them, the conflict with whom could lead to grave consequences.

Earlier, Vasilenko had close relations with the thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik) and representatives of the criminal environment in the Kursk region, and in particular with the thief in law Viktor Panyushin (Vitya Pan). It was through the Kursk region that a channel for the withdrawal of expensive cars and antiques from Ukraine operated.

For several years, Vasilenko in Ukraine carried out tasks for his partners from the Russian Federation (according to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, Vasilenko was one of the organizers of the murder of ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov). And they helped him in Russia.

This partnership reached a new level in 2014, when the former president of Ukraine had to flee to Moscow. After Viktor Yanukovych, businessmen and bureaucrats who fell into disgrace were drawn to Russia. One of them, notes Rosbalt, a Kharkov businessman, decided to bring $6 mln from Ukraine through Vasilenko, but as a result he lost the entire amount. It was on this basis that a quarrel between Vasilenko and the leader of the Oplot party, Zhilin, who stood up for his friend, “hit” Vasilenko, after which he was shot by the killers, the agency notes.

After Vasilenko got among those accused of organizing the murder of Voronenkov, and his name often appeared in the media in connection with high-profile crimes, the Russian partners stepped aside from him. Vasilenko, who lived in Russia on forged documents with the surname Antonenko, tried to play an independent game, which the influential representatives of the criminal environment dislikes. After the New Year, he was called for a serious conversation. But the crime lord did not come to the meeting. Then they came for him to his headquarters – the restaurant Basilik. According to the main version of the investigation, visitors were Kursk gangsters, but they were not going to kill Vasilenko in a restaurant. But the crime lord resisted actively, after which he was shot from a TT pistol. Bleeding Vasilenko was pushed into the trunk and taken away in an unknown direction. Judging by the evidence found, including bone fragments, the injury was very serious. If Vasilenko was not immediately provided professional medical care, then he may no longer be alive, Rosbalt notes.

The identity of most of the attackers are installed, they are being searched. It is possible that the attackers could hide in Ukraine, where, according to operational data, there is also the thief in law Vitya Pan, who in 2017 was wanted in the Russian Federation for the creation of an OCG.

Yury Vasilenko was kidnapped by unknown persons from the Basilik restaurant located on Prospekt Mira in Moscow after a shooting bout. The wanted person in Ukraine for the murder case of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, allegedly wounded, was taken away in the trunk of a Mitsubishi Pajero car without a license plate in an unknown direction. Later, on the fact of the incident, the Investigation Committee opened a criminal case under articles 126 (Kidnapping a person committed by a group of persons by prior agreement) and 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal arms trafficking).



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